Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

This episode was worth the wait. I watched without subtitle and found it entertaining and intense. A lot of guests are invited to challenge our Running Man team. I didn’t recognize the new idols, except for Kwang Hee so their names will be added later when the official list is out. Lol. I might write more to this post if I’m not too tired after work tomorrow. For now, enjoy the gifs and the real men moments. 😛

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Celebrity Interviews 5 – Hottest Stars Now


SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEE! This is Yeo Jin Goo (’97er) and Kim Yoo Jung (’99) four years ago in Iljimae. They’re definitely gonna be the Nation’s Couple in a few years. Add the young Lee Min Ho to the basket, and it’s another epic love triangle. One thing is for sure, prepare to get your heart broken folks. 😀

I haven’t done this feature in a while so here are some interviews in the past month!

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