Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (23)

Another long overdue batch. Just to catch up before Thanksgiving.

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Air date for Tangren’s drama remake of The Legend of Qin

Add this one to the mix of anticipated Tangren productions! Almost the same cast as Legend of the Nine-Tailed Foxes. Lol. This is what happens when you repetitively use people under the same management. The Legend of Qin is a drama adaptation of a Chinese animated TV series written and directed by Robin Shen (inspired by a novel by Wen Shi Ren). The story follows Tian Ming (Jiang Jin Fu), his best friend, Xiang Shao Yu (Michael Qin Jun Jie) and the heroine, Gao Yue (Hu Bing Qing), as they overcome obstacles during the political unrest leading to the building of the Qin Dynasty and how Emperor King Zheng struggled to unite all 6 nations.

I’m interested to see how the drama remake comes out, mainly because this is one of the few times I have watched the animated version and liked the story and characters. However, it’s so slow in story-telling. T__T We are only on Season 5 of the series.

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Drama adaptation of The Legend of Qin confirms cast

Aka Qin’s Moon! The popular novels have been adapted into China’s first 3D wuxia animation. It has four seasons so far and finally, a drama adaptation that I have seen the anime of! Season 5 is nowhere to be seen in the last 2 years. The production company takes it veryyyyyyyyyy slow.

On the positive side, the production company in charge of the drama version is Tangren (Bu Bu Jing Qing, Chinese Paladin, Xuan Yuan Sword – Scar of the Sky) so that should ease some hearts.

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