Air date for Tangren’s drama remake of The Legend of Qin

Add this one to the mix of anticipated Tangren productions! Almost the same cast as Legend of the Nine-Tailed Foxes. Lol. This is what happens when you repetitively use people under the same management. The Legend of Qin is a drama adaptation of a Chinese animated TV series written and directed by Robin Shen (inspired by a novel by Wen Shi Ren). The story follows Tian Ming (Jiang Jin Fu), his best friend, Xiang Shao Yu (Michael Qin Jun Jie) and the heroine, Gao Yue (Hu Bing Qing), as they overcome obstacles during the political unrest leading to the building of the Qin Dynasty and how Emperor King Zheng struggled to unite all 6 nations.

I’m interested to see how the drama remake comes out, mainly because this is one of the few times I have watched the animated version and liked the story and characters. However, it’s so slow in story-telling. T__T We are only on Season 5 of the series.


Jiang Jin Fu as the hero, Tian Ming. In the animation, he’s a teenager, but he’s a young lad in his twenties in the drama. Thank heavens (not that we didn’t expect this. heh)

 photo QM 36.jpg

Michael Qin Jun Jie (Legend of the Ancient Sword) as Xiang Shao Yu, the Prince of a Chu’s royal tribe. His love interest is Shi Lan who doesn’t appear in until Season 4 of the animated series.

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Hu Bing Qing (Taekwondo Girl) as the heroine, Gao Yue, a princess of the former Yan Kingdom. She is kidnapped in Season 2 of the series and we only have glimpses of her throughout until her real appearance in Season 5 (2015). She’s specially linked to the Yin and Yang school of magic.

 photo QM 53.jpg

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The three trio together.

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Lu Yi as one of the greatest swordsmen, Ge Nie, Tian Ming’s father’s best friend.

 photo QM 21.jpg

 photo QM 34.jpg

 photo QM 22.jpg

The wires. hehe.

 photo QM 27.jpg

Michelle Chen plays the doctor in the group, Miss Duan Mu Rong. She’s also Ge Nie’s love person. She belongs to Mohist Sect. She didn’t have much to do in the series because she falls into a coma in the middle of season 2. Lol.

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Sun Yi Zhou as Ge Nie’s fellow classmate of the same sect, Wei Zhuang. They’re rivals and he leads a group called Quicksand. Bad boy!

 photo QM 35.jpg

 photo QM 23.jpg

 photo QM 24.jpg

 photo QM 25.jpg

His gang.

 photo QM 44.jpg

Gina Jin (Wu Xin The Monster Killer) as Chi Lian, Wei Zhuang’s right hand woman. She’s known as the snake lady for being able to control the legless creatures at will. Be prepared to see Gina everywhere in the next couple of months!

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 photo QM 29.jpg

Jeremy Qu Zhe Ming as Bai Feng aka White Phoenix.

 photo QM 51.jpg

 photo QM 52.jpg

Two other important players from Mohist Sect. He’s Gao Jian Li played by Sui Yong Liang (Wu Xin The Monster Killer).

 photo QM 49.jpg

 photo QM 50.jpg

Gong Bei Bi (Love Up in The Air) as Xue Nv, elegant and beautiful with silver hair, uses music as her weapon. She and Jian Li are my favorite OTP! Too bad she has black hair in the drama. Sigh ~

 photo QM 47.jpg

 photo QM 48.jpg

Other characters:

 photo QM 31.jpg

 photo QM 37.jpg

 photo QM 41.jpg

 photo QM 30.jpg

Recognize the guy on the left of the old man? Yu Bo is on the far left.

 photo QM 20.jpg

 photo QM 19.jpg

English-Subbed Trailer:

  • Lord Gu!! Lord Gu!! HAHAH XD His character has a crush on Mu Rong.
  • Directed by Li Guo Li (Sound of the Desert, Wu Xin The Monster Killer), script edited by Xu Yuan, the tentative air date is revealed to be following the slot after Yun Zhong Ge (Song in the Clouds), in December.

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Air date for Tangren’s drama remake of The Legend of Qin

    Looks like im the only one excited? Mainly for the bad gang Quicksand cause Gina looks mighty fine!! Shes heavily promoted by Tangren nowadays.

    Dont get the hype of Jin fu at all. No charisma ot screen presence.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Air date for Tangren’s drama remake of The Legend of Qin

    Yayay! I LOVE the animated series, so I have high expectations. Lu Yi looks exceptionally good as Ge Nie; just saying. Gina’s looking great too. Lol since 2015, I’ve really been loving that dude who plays Lord Gu in Wu Xin Fa Shi. Seriously, he’s been everywhere; from Tang Yan’s Lady and Liar to Wu Xin to this…ok. That’s not exactly “everywhere”, but he’s been in a lot of the dramas that I’ve been watching this year.

    I don’t particularly like Jiang Jing Fu in dramas, but in reality shows, he’s actually really cute and puppy like.

  3. 5 thoughts on “Air date for Tangren’s drama remake of The Legend of Qin

    Hi Kap, speaking of Wu Xin Fa Shi…T.T How could Bai Liu Li do that at the end! T.T Anyways, do you have any idea if there’s going to possibly be a season 2 for Wu Xin and Yue Ya? They’ve practically become my fav couple ever, almost. Sorry to say, but this series was a hundred times better than Hua Qian Gu (despite the actors/actresses whole hearted efforts in trying to make HQG bearable). Anyways, I’m in love with the WuXin/YueYa ship. I would try to check it out myself, but my chinese is elementary at best, so I can’t understand have of those baidu and/or weibo pages.

    • 5 thoughts on “Air date for Tangren’s drama remake of The Legend of Qin

      No need to say sorry dear, I think Wu Xin is tightly written too and the story makes sense and the leads have solid romantic chemistry. There are plans of making a season 2 but I’m not sure whether Yue Ya (Gina) will be back. I’ll keep an eye on them of course since Elvis is my new bias. HAR! ^^

      • 5 thoughts on “Air date for Tangren’s drama remake of The Legend of Qin

        Hehe yeah. Elvis is super hot and is a really really decent actor. But he seems to look good only in certain styles (hehem. CP5 I’m looking at you. Did you guys have to make such a hot dude looks that…not hot?). At first I only started WuXin because I saw a poster, and I thought Gina looked kind of like Tang Yi Xin (who I generally like…though she’s not exactly the best actress around..she’s alright. It’s unexplainable, but I just like her). And then now I LOVE Gina! She’s a great actress, she seems like a cool/funny person behind the scenes, and she’s just hot stuff lately. Really liking the new peeps that TangRen’s trying to promote. Pretty people, decent amount of talent…

        btw you don’t have to take on Lang Ya Bang as a project (though I think you already have), but I’ve just seen the first 6 eps, and it’s pretty amazing! AMAZING!

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