Cdramas Airing This Week: Angels Fall Sometimes, Simple Days, Ode To Joy 5, Yi Wen Cun Dang, and more!

Again, I was too distracted by creating individual posts that this post came out now as a summary. Lol. So what is everyone watching? Dropping? I’m mainly gonna watch Shen Li.

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Bai Ke and Zhang Ya Qin try to stay alive in Love in a Loop

Stuck in a time loop seems to be the theme in cdramaland lately? I almost didn’t recognize Zhang Ya Qin in her modern wardrobe!

Qiyi describes the drama: The rude and narcissistic boss Bai Zhenxiang is constantly dying because of the resentment of his employees. Every time he dies, the time is reset to the same day, which causes his employee Li Luduo to be trapped in a time loop. In order to break out of the time loop, Lu Duo had to come into contact with Zhenxiang that drives her crazy, try her best to change him, save him, until she eventually falls in love with him.

Airing 5/1~

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War movie The Founding of An Army reveals star-studded cast

War movie, The Founding of An Army (建军大业), is the third part of the trilogy called Founding of New China, followed by The Founding of a Republic (2009), The Founding of a Party (2011), intended to be released this summer to mark the anniversary of the Chinese army (90th anniversary). The movie gathers 40+ stars in main roles and guest appearances, including both veteran actors and fresh meat, led by Zhu Ya Wen (as Zhou En Lai), Liu Ye (as Mao Zedong), Oho Ou (as Ye Ting), Ma Tian Yu, Liu Hao Ran and Ma Yi Li. The story begins in 1927 at the beginning of the Nanchang uprising, known as the first major Kuomintang–Communist engagement.

The endless scrolling of pretty begins…. hehehe. (It took me an hour to get all the names. Lol!)

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (24)

If you’re reading this post, I should have arrived at New York already! Taking a small break with a few friends before the holidays. Have a nice weekend everyone! ^__^

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (23)

Another long overdue batch. Just to catch up before Thanksgiving.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (21)

Am I all caught up? Nope. Darn it! Slow down news! A lot of Yang Mi in this post. Looks like she’s steering in the direction of more serious roles. Props!

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First trailer for movie Surprise with Ma Tian Yu, Mike D. Angelo

I wrote about this fantasy movie just two weeks ago and today we have both the press conference and first trailer! I honestly don’t know what genre to put this film in anymore. One second it’s all laugh and the next, it’s all tears! Add Surprise You’ll Never Think Of: Journey to The West to your list of watch-without-much-thinking this Christmas! It’s a good thing they have a batch of likable actors that I adore…

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Bolin Chen, Ma Tian Yu, and more in fantasy movie Surprise

Can you recognize us?

Looks like the latest trend in movieland is remaking as many Journey to the West versions as possible. Fantasy-comedy movie, Surprise You’ll Never Think Of: Journey to The West or for short as simply Surprise, has a solid lineup of stars that might just do the trick in tickets sales.

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