Drama adaptation of The Legend of Qin confirms cast

Aka Qin’s Moon! The popular novels have been adapted into China’s first 3D wuxia animation. It has four seasons so far and finally, a drama adaptation that I have seen the anime of! Season 5 is nowhere to be seen in the last 2 years. The production company takes it veryyyyyyyyyy slow.

On the positive side, the production company in charge of the drama version is Tangren (Bu Bu Jing Qing, Chinese Paladin, Xuan Yuan Sword – Scar of the Sky) so that should ease some hearts.

Meet the cast!

Male lead Jing Tian Ming goes to Jiang Jin Fu (Xuan Yuan Sword – Scar of the Sky). Kindest kid, but very hyper and childish (since he’s A KID). I hope he’s older in the drama cause it will take forever to see growth! It’s one of my issues with the anime. The pace is so slow that it drives me nuts.

 photo QM11.jpg

Qin Jun Jie (The Prince of Tennis) as Xiang Shao Yu, Tian Ming’s best friend. Prince of a Chu’s royal tribe. I wonder who they are casting as love his interest Shi Lan. She doesn’t appear until Season 4 (I think, my memory might be faulty.)

 photo QM10.jpg

Hu Bing Qing as Gao Yue. A new, young actress. She was in a drama with Li Jia Hang, but I haven’t watched it so no comment. But I really wish they would speed up the script because Yue Er barely shows up after being kidnapped and brainwashed by the bad guys. She became a mysterious figure – a girl wearing a veil with dangerous knowledge. She’s Tian Ming’s love interest. They’re adorable. She reminds me of Zhou Dong Yu.

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Lu Yi as Ge Nie. Fanmade poster of him seems appropriate.

 photo QM12.jpg

 photo QM3.jpg

Michelle Chen as Duan Mu Rong. Lol. Her character is the doctor person in the group, but spends the majority of the plot in a coma after an injury. She’s Ge Nie’s love.

 photo QM15.jpg

Sun Yi Zhou as Wei Zhuang. He studied in the same sect as Ge Nie but since his swordsman’s skills is below the latter, a seed of jealousy emerges. Status: Rivals.

 photo QM13.jpg

Owen Cheng Hao Feng as Gao Jian Li. The calm and collected character of the bunch. His love with Xue Nu ranks first in my heart (after their background story was revealed.)

 photo QM6.jpg

 photo QM4.jpg

Gu Li Na Zha (Xuan Yuan Sword – Rift of the Sky) as Xue Nu. She seems so young for the role! There’s an air of maturity and class about Xue Nu that is naturally there.

 photo QM14.jpg

Gao Sheng Wu as White Phoenix (Bai Feng). Another new actor. He’s so new, it’s hard to find a pretty photo.

 photo QM2.jpg

Geng Le as Jing Ke, Tian Ming’s father. Awwww. It’s been so long since I see him in a drama. Soft spot.

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Intro Video of Season 5:

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Drama adaptation of The Legend of Qin confirms cast

    i remember you talking about this one a LONGGGGGG time ago. i did try to watch the wuxia anime but the story didn’t hook me as it is. tian ming is just too young for anything epic.

    xiang yu…the actor looks perverted! lol. i wonder who’s gonna play shi lang too? she’s one badass warrior!!!

    props on tangren for using new fresh faces!!

    • 2 thoughts on “Drama adaptation of The Legend of Qin confirms cast

      Perverted? Oh Frea!

      I agree. New faces for the win. 🙂

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