Hou Ming Hao, Zhu Xu Dan, and Liu Dong Qin get embroiled in haunted houses in Psych-Hunter

Upcoming republican suspense webdrama Psych-Hunter (心宅猎人) is adapted from the novel Haunted House Handbook (凶宅笔记) written by Er Shi San. The story follows our male lead, an enthusiastic tradesman in the business of selling haunted houses, his psychologist bro-mate who is searching for his missing dad, and a policewoman who is the sassy daughter of a warlord. A year ago, our male lead was invited to a remote island with six other individuals in a game of death and the only one to survive but he suffers from amnesia. Our psychologist receives a letter with a six-finger seal that shows a count down to our male lead’s time of death (!!) and a group photo. He’s determined to track down his father together with male lead’s special talents. They slowly become a great duo of real estate agents. They take over the haunted houses, get rid of its supernatural beings, then resell the houses. This leads to clues of the true mastermind behind the scene and a big conspiracy surrounding them.

I’m slightly confused about the storyline but it sounds really interesting! Will be subbed by Qiyi!

Airing 11/23 ~

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Liu Dong Qin’s Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 2 to also join June broadcast…

Dr. Qin Medical Examiner Season 2 is also joining the crazy June broadcasting month with Eric Liu Dong Qin, Liu Chang, and Yu Sha Sha. You know it’s summer time, so students released from school will binge-watch and help with ratings. Lol.

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New Trailers: Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 2, Zhang Lu Yi’s Patriot, Xu Lu’s The Life Planner

So many updates… where to start?

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Drama Updates: Goodbye My Princess, The King of Blaze, Autumn Cicadas, My Naughty Classmates, If I Never Met You

Youku bought a lot of dramas to air under its wing in the upcoming months. Let’s see if any project piques your interest!

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Jay Chou and Cindy Yen sing for Ice Fantasy soundtrack

Opening and Ending themesongs are revealed for upcoming fantasy drama, Ice Fantasy, starring Feng Shao Feng, Ma Tian Yu, and Victoria Song! Jay Chou is a busy man lately isn’t he?

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