New drama remakes in 2018: Legend of the Eight Immortals, Lotus Lantern

Of course more remakes! I have watched both but only Lotus Lantern remains in my heart because the story of a boy trying to free his mother will always tug at the right heart strings for me.

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=======> ♦ Legend of the Eight Immortals was produced in 1998 and adapted from Wu Yuan Tai‘s Journey to the East. It hailed a slew of stars from Hong Kong, Singapore, and China: Steven Ma, Jacelyn Tay, Jerry Chang, Yvonne Lim, and more. The Universe is under threat by a demonic cult led by Tongtian Jiaozhu. The Jade Emperor, the supreme ruler of Heaven, orders Immortal Donghua to find seven other worthy beings and form a team known as the Eight Immortals to counter the cult. After the first five members – Tieguai Li, Han Zhongli, Zhang Guolao, Lan Caihe and He Xiangu – have joined, Donghua chooses to undergo reincarnation to help the remaining two members – Han Xiangzi and Cao Guojiu – achieve immortality faster. He is reincarnated as Lü Dongbin and serves as the team leader. However, he has to overcome his romantic entanglements with Peony Fairy because romance between immortals is forbidden by Heaven’s laws. At one point, Tongtian Jiaozhu implants a “blood curse” in Lü Dongbin which causes the latter to lose control of his senses and go rogue. Tongtian Jiaozhu is later betrayed and killed by his treacherous follower, Pangolin, who absorbs his powers. Pangolin, who has a crush on He Xiangu, cleverly manipulates the Eight Immortals and causes them to turn against each other and sow discord between them and other deities. The Eight Immortals combine their strengths to defeat Pangolin and the evil forces and bring peace to the Universe. [Wiki]

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MV of our lovebirds.

=======> ♦ Lotus Lantern depicts the journey of a young boy to win back his mother’s freedom from his uncle, the immortal Er Lang Shen. You will see a few child actors now grown up in here such as Cao Jun (the said boy), Shu Chang, Song Zu Er (she was this teeny tiny little thing back then!) and led by Vincent Chiao and Yvonne Lim.

 photo lotus 6.jpg

 photo lotus 1.jpg

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 photo lotus 7.jpg

Song Zu Er hasn’t changed one bit! Only more adult now. So cute.

 photo lotus 3.jpg

 photo lotus 11.jpg

 photo lotus 10.jpg

I remember this song. I shipped Cao Jun and Shu Chang so much back then. Like I didn’t know why they had Yvonne Lim falling for him as well when she’s a way older than both of the young leads and befits the older sister’s role more. Weird coupling!

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  1. 4 thoughts on “New drama remakes in 2018: Legend of the Eight Immortals, Lotus Lantern

    Couple Cdramas remake lately, i would like to see Treasure Venture remake.

    • 4 thoughts on “New drama remakes in 2018: Legend of the Eight Immortals, Lotus Lantern

      Yeah, that was a good one! It’s where I learned the phrase, “路见不平拔刀相助”. Aka the idiom origin of the main girl’s name.

  2. 4 thoughts on “New drama remakes in 2018: Legend of the Eight Immortals, Lotus Lantern

    Just sped through Lotus Lantern…wow despite the cheese, bad acting, and crappy effects, it was really great. Brings back memories. I’ve never seen it before personally, but the style and the feels really brings back the feel of those old dramas (of the wuxia, period, or fantasy type). Full of non-contrived, interesting adventure, character development, no “true” good guys, and a really really satisfyingly happy ending.

  3. 4 thoughts on “New drama remakes in 2018: Legend of the Eight Immortals, Lotus Lantern

    I watched both and remember both vrry well.

    At least it’s a remake of a old legend which generally has a lot of material to pull from.

    I like everyone else shipped the main couple from Lotus Lantern and in 8 Immortals I shipped the female Immortal He Xiangu with evil guy Pongolin, and also one of the male immortal with the 3rd dragon princess. I didn’t like the main couple.

    Was I the only one who was confused by the immortal that was played by a girl and carried a flowet basket but the character was a guy? Cos that character confused me so much if he was a she or not.

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