Romcom drama The Trick of Life and Love with Ji Xiao Bing and Jin Wen Xin

The Trick of Life and Love (机智的恋爱生活) is an upcoming romcom with somewhat of a copy-and-paste storyline like many others we have seen so far this month. Maybe like Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling but the male lead here truly has amnesia after his car was smashed by another vehicle. Female lead takes advantage of his amnesia and tells him they are a couple. Looks like they know each other from before and didn’t like each other, plus he’s the typical domineering CEO. Lol.

Airing today 5/26~

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Romcom Be With You with Ji Xiao Bing and Zhang Ya Qin

From the trailers and stills, this drama gives me vibes similar to Perfect and Casual. Be With You (好想和你在一起) is a romantic comedy featuring three different types of couples. Our leading couple is played by Ji Xiao Bing and Zhang Ya Qin. She’s a enthusiastic comic writer who needs inspiration for her book so she gets close to a cool and collected professor at school, believing he’s the perfect comic book hero. I don’t know why she needs to do that, just turn on the television and there’s inspiration, especially the cold but soft inside hero! Lol.

Began airing 11/19 ~

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New Promos: The Fox’s Summer Season 2, Legend of the Dragon Pearl, Song of Phoenix

All three dramas have broadcast date within the next two weeks. I don’t think we can make it out of May alive with all these dramas. O____O Will we have nothing for the Fall?! SAVE SOMETHING!

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To Air: Jiang Chao’s The Fox’s Summer, Ady An’s Royal Sister Returns

I have good news! Both modern rom-coms are set to air! What I love about these two are the devil-may-care heroines and their wicked sense of fashion! Amazing wardrobe and they have nice hair to boot!

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Tan Song Yun charms Jiang Chao in Fox Fall In Love

Oh. She’s so cute! How could any man resist Tan Song Yun – all grown up and looking womanly in her wardrobe? I’m also happy to report that Jiang Chao (Tiny Times)’s character isn’t a man of few expressions. Whew. The story is a comedic romance between a girl who likes to lie meeting a man who is described as a human lie detector! So she’s the fox in the relationship. Heh.

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