Seven Chinese Models strut down Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in China

I am a plain jane when it comes to Fashion so I never watch these fashion shows. Lol. The first Victoria’s Secrets (VS) Fashion Show in China is held last night in Shanghai with seven Chinese Models strutting down the runaway in elaborate lingerie that no one would wear on a normal day. XD

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Zhao Li Ying’s News Updates (6/11/17): Monkey King 3’s Posters, Dior Event, An Yue Xi’s birthday, Li Ying’s Studio’s New Members

She’s a busy bee keeping her working bee even more busy!

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Vogue Magazine’s 11th Anniversary In Beijing

This post is long overdue. But since I’ve gathered the pictures, might as well post it. You don’t mind the pretty, right? ;D

A lot of fashion events this past week but I think Vogue’s 11th Anniversary takes the cake! Friends, ex-couples, reunions, lovers – everywhere!

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