Zhao Li Ying’s News Updates (5/26/17): Star Talks, Beijing Student Film Award, 72 Floors of Mystery Episode 3

I’m in Li Ying heaven right now. So many news of her! Who knew all she needed was a small haircut to look fresh, chic, and adorable! I love the hair split as well, not the usual blunt, boring middle split.

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Zhao Li Ying’s News Updates (5/4/17): 72 Floors Conference, Princess Agents Promo, Airport Fashion

She isn’t filming dramas and yet still so many updates. CF deals are growing!

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72 Floors of Mystery’s shooting with Zhao Li Ying, sole female member

It is happening! First shooting of variety show 72 Floors of Mystery (七十二层奇楼) with their sole female member, Zhao Li Ying, has commenced! I was really worried about our girl but the fan-taken photos assured me that she looks happy and at ease. If this were Running Man, I would put my trust in Yoo Jae Suk’s awesome MC skills, but it’s not, so I can only hope, everything goes smoothly for everyone ~ The other male members include Simon Yam, Kris Wu, Leo Wu Lei, Wowkie Zhang, and Wang Xiao Li.

EDIT: ADDED FIRST TRAILER! The show airs on 5/5!

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