Zhao Li Ying’s Updates: 30th Birthday, Swordsman Game Promo, Cosmo, Ming Lan BTS

Sorry, this post is a bit delayed, a little incidence happened and my presence was needed elsewhere after work. In any case, our girl turns the big 30 today! I’m sure she’s feeling the pressure from friends and families to find the special person and settle down but I do want her to know that she should go at her own pace. Some folks hurry into commitments and not take the time to explore and find happiness within themselves. You gotta love yourself first, before loving and allowing love to come into your life!

Happy Birthday Li Ying! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

I can’t say bye fast enough to this drama. So sad that it disappointed me in all the ways possible. By the end of it, I wanted to become Blood Demon myself and do some real damage to the writer. RAWRRRRRRR!

SPOILERS ALERT. You are warned. They say that the TV version will have a different ending to the Online version, so let’s see.

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Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Episode 1 – 30 “Love and Hate.”

I’ve been negligent towards this drama, mainly because I’m left disappointed. It’s an idol wuxia drama through and through. The only plus point is how gorgeous Zhao Li Ying looks in every frame (over 1000 screencaps of her in my harddrive), there’s hardly a minute where she’s not lovely. So pretty that I have a hard time focusing on other characters (they are pretty unlikable anyway, LOL). The plot is starting to cycle in circles with Papa Wu asking the same old question, “Daughter, does Ding Yi still trust you? If yes, approach him for the Nth time.”

Me: “Father, you’re really lame.”

Episode 21-30 are released today 11/22/15! Discuss away! I promise to be more active. =)

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The Legend of Zu’s 15-minute trailer with Wu Xin Zhao Li Ying

It just dawned on me that Zhao Li Ying’s character name is also Wu Xin. Could the two Wu Xins star in a drama together? PLEASE? I’m so excited about Zu! I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I don’t expect it to be great but please don’t be another Journey to Flower, is all I’m asking! Lol. The 15-minute trailer really sets up the foundation of the story and lets us into the reason behind Papa Wu’s revenge.


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New trailer, soundtrack, and a conference for The Legend of Zu

It’s a busy day for the cast of The Legend of Zu (S) as they wrapped up recording for Happy Camp yesterday (with Jimmy Lin and JJ Lin!) and held a press conference a few hours ago today. They also release a 53-second sneak peek to Zhao Li Ying‘s duet with Andy Hui, along with a new trailer containing a healthy amount of skinship and kisses. I’m very, very happy today!

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