Pigeon Pals (Song Version of a Novel)

Does this image tickle your fancy?

Here’s a little background info about this song. It’s based on a story. Or is it about the story behind the story?

Anyway, the story goes, ‘once upon a time’ us AVV big shots were hanging around in a private chat, and Amy wanted to write a story for Alison. I think that’s how it went. (It was like a hundred years ago, brain cells aging.)

I just know this was during the lockdown, or something, and while we were discussing this, I jumped in and threw in some ideas. We went back and forth, and we came up with the title ‘Pigeon Pals’. (I think it was Amy who came up with the title?)

The point is, we wanted a story about people sending love messages/letters to each other. It’s a long-distance thing. And since it took place in ancient times, we figured we couldn’t have pen pals, so tada… ‘Pigeon Pals’. It’s a pretty clever title.

I was supposed to write this story, and then life and work happened, and maybe some laziness on my part here and there. It’s not my fault, writing sucks.

That’s why when I write stuff for this blog, it’s all nonsense. I’m a storyteller, not a writer, writing is super boring. Only boring people write. (Oooh) … ( Lin: cancelled )

So yeah, it’s been like a decade or so since then. I owe the good ladies of AVV this story. So to make up for that, I made this song. It’s the theme song for the story if it ever becomes a thing.

Enjoy! Just listen. It’s not bad. The song pretty much tells the plot of the story. Or the gist of it.
(And my girl, Youya, sang it, so give her some love.)

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