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How about some news compilation? =D

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The Adventure For Love with Jiang Jin Fu, Danson Tang, Chen Xiang and Eva Cheng

That is a lot of pretty in one frame.

Another modern drama with beautiful people is coming your way! The production team held two press conferences in the span of a few weeks with its main cast consisting of Jiang Jin Fu (The Legend of Qin), Eva Cheng Yan Qiu (Chronicle Of Life, Yun Zhong Ge), Danson Tang (Murphy’s Law of Love), and Cindy Sun Xiao Xiao (God of War Zhao Yun). The Adventure For Love follows Xia Meng Xun (Eva Cheng) and the boys as they try to find a missing relic to solve the mystery surrounding the three families.

ADDED TRAILER 12/29/15. My hunch is so good.

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