The Taoism Grandmaster features 29 Rookie Actors from Huace

And you thought you could handle any amount of prettiness?! Take this! 29 rookies from Huace in one drama but you might have seen them scattered throughout dramaland. They must have had a blast filming together. A lot will film, only a few will stand out. Pick your favorites!

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Probably the only face I recognize is this boy here, from the body-swap drama, Proud of Love. Tong Meng Shi.

 photo Tao-10.jpg

 photo Tao-18.jpg

 photo Tao-22.jpg

Pei Zi Tian. His white hair stands out. I pick chu! XD

 photo Tao-8.jpg

 photo Tao-17.jpg

 photo Tao-13.jpg

 photo Tao-23.jpg

Wang Zi Chen.

 photo Tao-45.jpg

 photo Tao-44.jpg

Wang Xiu Zhu.

 photo Tao-9.jpg

 photo Tao-19.jpg

 photo Tao-21.jpg

Wu Yu Tong.

 photo Tao-47.jpg

Liu Ze Wen.

 photo Tao-48.jpg

Li Ji.

 photo Tao-49.jpg

Guo Jin. Another one with that name?!

 photo Tao-50.jpg

Chu Han.

 photo Tao-51.jpg

Li Dai Kun.

 photo Tao-52.jpg

Zhang Ya Zhuo.

 photo Tao-5.jpg

Wang You Shuo.

 photo Tao-6.jpg

Zhao Yue.

 photo Tao-7.jpg

Gong Si Le. I swear I thought this was Arashi’s Jun in drags. LOL.

 photo Tao-3.jpg

Zhang Ze.

 photo Tao-2.jpg

Pan Shuang Shuang.

 photo Tao-35.jpg

Li Xin Zhe.

 photo Tao-36.jpg

 photo Tao-12.jpg

 photo Tao-15.jpg

 photo Tao-16.jpg

Didn’t recognize TVB actress Christine Ng at all!

 photo Tao-20.jpg

 photo Tao-26.jpg

 photo Tao-27.jpg

That is Han Dong right there.

 photo Tao-28.jpg

 photo Tao-29.jpg

 photo Tao-30.jpg

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 photo Tao-25.jpg

 photo Tao-31.jpg

 photo Tao-33.jpg

 photo Tao-34.jpg

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 photo Tao-32.jpg

 photo Tao-1.jpg

 photo Tao-11.jpg

 photo Tao-41.jpg

 photo Tao-38.jpg

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  • The Taoism Grandmaster is a costume drama. 3000 years ago, Yang Jian predicted there would be a disaster for the human beings and only a chosen taoist could use the divine armor to save the world. During the East Han Dynasty, many dangers threaten human kind. The wolf demons expanded their domains to human habitats. The Taoist Alliance tried to find the chosen taoist in order to defeat the wolf demons…

Directed by Liang Sheng Quan (The Legend of Flying Daggers, The Mystic Nine) and Huang Jun Wen (The Four) and written by Chen Shi San (Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky), The Taoism Grandmaster has 46 episodes and airs on 5/21.

What’s interesting to me is the writer behind this drama, you might recognize his name more as Chan Sap Sam, the writer behind many ATV hits, including My Date With A Vampire, Love in a Miracle, and King of Gamblers.

MDWAV is my bedtime story. ❤

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  1. 3 thoughts on “The Taoism Grandmaster features 29 Rookie Actors from Huace

    No one’s particularly standing out but I pick the white hair dude and the tan/yellow outfit Li Dai Kun or something. Too lazy to scroll back up. The girls especially don’t stand out.

  2. 3 thoughts on “The Taoism Grandmaster features 29 Rookie Actors from Huace

    I like seeing new faces so might check it out.
    The only one i know is Shu Hao (no clear pic of her here) who was in Let’s Shake It and will be in The Rise of Phoenixes

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