Ju Jing Yi sings opening themesong for remake The Legend of White Snake with Yu Meng Long

Still no confirmed air date but with a new music video, perhaps this new remake will get a slot soon? Prettyyyy soon. Legend of the White Snake (新白娘子传奇) is based on the original 1992 version which starred Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip, while the new version has Yu Meng Long and Ju Jing Yi. Both pretty people. I like the themesong up until the fast modern beats hit me. Lol.

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The Journey with white-haired Ma Ke, Fu Xin Bo, Zhou Yu Tong

(This post sat in the draft section for 8 months, I totally forgot about it! Shame on you K!)

Ma Ke is still hot on that iron! His next drama to air, The Journey, is adapted from the novel Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations (寻找前世之旅) written by Vivibear. I tried reading the novel but heck, the male lead is never to be found. Turns out he doesn’t appear until the 3rd story. The storyline reminds me of Hua Xu Yin a little. Our female lead is raised by a mysterious master who doesn’t age. They reside in a mysterious tea house, where only those fated to see can visit and task them with commissions. Those commissions are related to their past lives and they come to seek help on resolving the dilemmas of this life. Our heroine is taught the ability to time-travel through time to different dynasties, and in each story, she causes heartaches (to herself) and to the men she meets. The only price to pay is a single tear. Will she be able to solve her own past regrets?

Beside Ma Ke, we also have second male lead in Fu Xin Bo and female lead in Zhou Yu Tong.

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