Sword-wielding Song Yan Fei swaps body with book-worm Zhang Hao Wei in The Trust: Drama adaptation of manhua No Doubt In Us

The Trust (恩爱两不疑) is the drama adaptation of the popular manhua No Doubt In Us aka Liang Bu Yi from author Lu Ye Qian He, You Zhi Jiao Zi. The story sounds absolutely adorable. Our main couple is the King and Queen respectively. She’s from a general’s family, so she likes to fight, ride horses, archery, while our King is weak and likes to read. She marries him but due to family issues and their complete opposite personalities, they never get along and prefer to stay out of each other’s way. However, one day, they fall in a pool together (she pushes him when he gets too close, hehe) and their souls swapped! Now she’s the King who needs to attend the courtly matters and even go to battle, while he finally realizes his harem is not a very nice place, including his own mother, the Empress Dowager. They see things from each other’s shoes, beginning to emphasize and understand, get close and develop feelings.

You can read the English Translated of the webcomics here. There’s also 2 seasons of animation too.

Airing 4/6~

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Zhang Yue Nan enters comics world to meet King Cao Jun Xiang in a Wonderful Fate

Wonderful Fate (奇妙的命运呀) is a period comedy following the hilarious journey of our heroine, a high school student who is at the bottom of the rank in terms of studying. Often chided by her mother, she wishes to run away, perhaps into the wonderful setting of her beloved comic books. By chance, it happens and our girl enters the another world and falls into the toilet, at least that’s how the imperial guards find her. From an underachiever in the modern world, she’s now regarded by the people as the Heavenly Maiden who falls from the sky and signifies the hope of saving the people!

Airing 4/30~

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Series Review: Jiu Liu Overlord (Cdrama, 2020)

As I noted in my First Impression post about this series, it’s been a while since I’d found a drama I was interested in watching. But given how much of a fan I am of both Bai Lu and Lai Yi, I had to watch Jiu Liu Overlord (九流霸主). The series packs in a lot, with the first half being a clash of upper class versus lower class with some political intrigue and the second half a murder mystery and palace intrigue. With a mix of drama and comedy, this series kind of has a little of everything.

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Social classes clashed in Bai Lu and Lai Yi’s Jiu Liu Overlord

Jiu Liu Overlord (九流霸主) is an upcoming period drama starring Bai Lu and Lai Yi. The story takes place during the Tang dynasty and our heroine is street-smart trader, the leader of the Longzhu gang. Our hero on the other hand is a business tycoon/silk merchant in the city to showcase his fine garments. The two people of different backgrounds and social classes are forced to work together when a golden thread goes missing. As they work together, she learns the ways of trading from him, and he gets rids of his prejudices against the lower class. However, his secret identity is revealed – a prince! To protect the common people and the person he loves, he returns to the palace. Our heroine follows along, to give the higher up folks a piece of her mind.

Airing 10/23!

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Tang Min becomes a General’s Lady for Wu Xi Ze in an arranged marriage

Adapted from the novel written by Yan Bo Jiang Nan, General’s Lady (将军家的小娘子) features Tang Min and Wu Xi Ze as the leads. The story follows our heroine, who has a noble background and is married off to General Chu. She quickly falls in love with him and uses her wits to solve many problems for the Chu’s army. However, the Chu’s family is targeted by the Emperor and he takes her parents as hostages, making her his eyes and ears.

He looks like a baby. Lol. They are sickeningly sweet in the stills. xD

Airing 10/9!

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Cdrama Updates: General’s Lady, Be Together, Love Script, Youth UnPrescribed, Swin To Sky

Happy July 4th everyone! Stay safe!

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Cdramas Updates: Legend of Fei, Go Ahead, Young Lady of the General’s House, These Brothers Have Some Problems

Quite a few dramas started filming today! Happy Monday folks!

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