Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma spark chemistry in movie Somewhere Winter

I rarely watch films so it’s nice to see two actors in dramaland reunited in the big screen, hoping that it will make up for their lackluster chemistry in Love Me If You Dare. Lol. The movie is inspired by Chyi Chin’s song and he later contacted Rao Xue Man to write a novel, which the movie is based on. Our two characters meet each other at a Chyi Chin concert and thus begins a 30-year romance across three cities.

Somewhere Winter premieres in theaters on 11/15!

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The original song that inspired the novel then movie, by Chyi Chin.

Sandra Ma pens and sings for Somewhere Winter.

A Winter Without You by Ayunga.

  1. One thought on “Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma spark chemistry in movie Somewhere Winter

    I’m so excited to see them together again! Hoping it’s a good movie!

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