Series Review: Lost Track of Time (Cdrama, 2022)

What happens when you combine a rebirth drama with a female lead bent on revenge, a sweet puppy of a male lead and a vicious yet somehow compelling second male lead? You get Lost Track of Time!

Check out the review written by our lovely AVV community member, Trinity. There is also a goody inside! I promise you won’t regret it!

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Betrayal and hardships plague Ma Si Chun and the women in The Crack of Dawn

The Crack of Dawn‎ (江照黎明) is a female-centric drama focusing on our female lead played by Ma Si Chun. She’s a real estate agent who’s been betrayed by her husband and under constant malice. It’s a story of her perseverance, breaking through the cycle to find her own happiness. In the midst of it all, is a murder case that involves many people.

Seems like a heavy duty type of drama.

Airing 1/27~

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First Stills for Being A Hero with Chen Xiao and Wang Yi Bo

Well, one thing is for sure. This drama is not stingy with stills! Lol.

Being A Hero (冰雨火) is a modern police drama about fighting against narcotics starring dual male leads Chen Xiao and Wang Yi Bo, who each has a love interest in Zhao Zhao Yi and Guo Xiao Ting. Three years ago, police officer Wu Gang was killed by a drug organization known as K. His son, Wu Zhen Feng (played by Chen Xiao) is expelled from the police force for violating the rules. Embarrassed, he tries to run away but is chased by his good friend Chen Yu (Wang Yi Bo). Along the way, they are attacked and in saving Chen Yu, Zhen Feng is taken away by the drug traffickers. From then on, the two young men are separated and each has to continue on their own path. Three years later, Chen Yu is now a recognized youngest policeman in the narcotics department while Zhen Feng resurfaces as a murder suspect and is related to a famed drug gang. Chen Yu doffs his police uniform to infiltrate the drug gang and learns that his friend is a lonely hero. The two reunite on the same side and work together to break apart the infamous drug gang.

The stills are so dark and rich, like chocolates! What a handsome cast ensemble!

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