Ariel Lin frolics in the snow with Rhydian Vaughan in My Egg Man

Being a girl is hard, but being a woman is much harder. We might not feel older in the slightest but the biological clock on our eggs is real. In the upcoming romantic Taiwanese movie, My Egg Boy (我的蛋男情人), starring Ariel Lin and British-Taiwanese actor Rhydian Vaughn, the story follows our heroine as she deals with the issues of fertility and love is no where in sight. Freezing her eggs then becomes a viable option.

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Aim High: Episode 2 & 3 “Run or Confront?”

 photo Aim2-15.jpg

You guys should have seen my face when Yi Fen complains about not hearing from the jobs she applied to just a few days ago. Gurl, this missy’s been waiting for months! And unlike you, this missy does not know a handsome manager to get her a job! Oy, the pains of reality. Anyway, the plot is moving at a snail’s pace, and if it weren’t for the likable cast, I might not have continued this far.

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Aim High: Episode 1 “Never stop dreaming.”

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the lesson for today! Never let anyone rain on your dreams and definitely, never let anyone tell you to stop dreaming! 🙂

SETTV’s latest offering on Fridays gives us Aim High, (another) story following (another) group of friends as they live, dream, and struggle in today’s brutal working society. You sense my skeptical attitude yet? At the end of the hour, I liked what I saw in these kids adults. The name brings me back to my own high school moments, how we gathered around the teacher’s desk and guessed who scored the highest on the weekly calculus test (such nerds we were!), and one of my friends would say, “Aim high, so when you fall, you fall within your true range.” The response he always got was, “Shut up!”

Now that I think about his quote, I snicker, that puny-sized wise kid.

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49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

Now I remember why I don’t do award shows post as often as I would like. It takes forever to compile images! Beside celebrating the accomplishments of Taiwanese dramas this year, the highlight is the sea of pretty people showing up in expensive gowns and jewelries. BUT! A lot of gray and metallic shades today…

What’s going on peeps? We no like colors anymore?

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Tang Yan’s dramas to come out like Christmas gifts this year

Tang Yan’s fans must be happy, girl’s baking out dramas like chocolate chip cookies! She has a few dramas that needed to be aired alone! And she recently joins The Lost Tomb as its female lead, collaborating with Li Yi Feng again after The Legend of Fragrance. Her character’s badass hairstyle and leather coat can be seen above. =D

Two dramas that were filmed two (or so) years ago are now scheduled to release this December. She knows how to keep her fans happy!

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Rainie Yang becomes the goddess of fire for Elle

No one rocks a short do like Rainie Yang does (yes? yes?)! Color it red and we have a flaming goddess. 🙂 Can you believe the petite, pastry girl in Meteor Garden turned 30 this year? Oy, how times fly by, leave wrinkle prints on most of us, while others, like the girl above, continue to look ageless. Why hath thou forsaken 98% of the normal citizens, time?!!

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Movie Date with Keane (10): Bad Girls

Check out Ella's EP for tracks to Bad Girls OST.

1. 壞女孩 Bad Girl
2. 我就是我 I Am Who I Am
3. 懂我再愛我 Know Me To Love Me (ft. Tank)
4. 厚臉皮 Cheeky
5. 愛像什麼 What Love Is Like
Bonus Track
6. 你被寫在我的歌裡 (室內樂版) You’ve Been Writing In My Song (Chamber version)

Download: Ella's EP
[Buy the album via YesAsia]

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