Ady An and Chen Rong Lian’s wedding ceremony in Hawaii

Time to send one of my favorite Taiwanese actresses off to her lovely significant other. Her wedding was held in Hawaii and from the photos released, they had a blast today (and yesterday) with close friends in attendance and a dance party to remember years later.

Congratulations Ady An and Chen Rong Lian. May your future days be filled with happiness and love. ❤ ❤ ❤

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49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

Now I remember why I don’t do award shows post as often as I would like. It takes forever to compile images! Beside celebrating the accomplishments of Taiwanese dramas this year, the highlight is the sea of pretty people showing up in expensive gowns and jewelries. BUT! A lot of gray and metallic shades today…

What’s going on peeps? We no like colors anymore?

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Ming Dao & Hu Bing compete for Li Qin’s love in If I Love You

 photo LU15.jpg

For a good minute there, I was laughing my head off, pondering to replace the guys’ names in the post title with “uncles.” For little girls’ sake, Hu Bing is 43 this year! He’s 20-year her senior. Creeeeepy. Ming Dao is lucky, he looks quite young for a man in his mid thirties. If you don’t know already, If I Love You is the THIRD installment to the Queen of SOP franchise, revolving around the cheeky character of Adam Bell, played by Ming Dao, in the first part.

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