Tang Yan’s dramas to come out like Christmas gifts this year

Tang Yan’s fans must be happy, girl’s baking out dramas like chocolate chip cookies! She has a few dramas that needed to be aired alone! And she recently joins The Lost Tomb as its female lead, collaborating with Li Yi Feng again after The Legend of Fragrance. Her character’s badass hairstyle and leather coat can be seen above. =D

Two dramas that were filmed two (or so) years ago are now scheduled to release this December. She knows how to keep her fans happy!

The first one, and the one I’m more interested in is The Woman Above the Bread Tree. Yes, it’s adapted from a novel. What is not, nowadays? And her leading man is Hong Kong actor, Bosco Wong! Moreover, I’m equally looking forward to the sisterhood scenes she’ll be sharing with hot tomato, Sonia Siu, and Liu Dong. They are not real sisters, just a group of really close friends.

The synopsis from Wiki: About three best friends set off to find a bread tree that belongs to them. The ‘bread’ could be a physical substance, vanity, or could be non-existent. The three met each other at 13 years of age, and their friendship started with a game of volleyball. Together, they encounter the happiness of growing up, the confusion of first love, love and hate, sorrow and pain. The best and worst thing women have done is fall in love with men. Song Di Zhi (Sonia Siu) said, if she died, her elegy would be about a girl always meeting and loving bad guys. Shen Guang Hui (Liu Dong) said, marrying off to Tuen Mun is not reputable enough – you at least have to marry someone living in Happy Valley. Cheng Yun (Tang Yan) said, someone who makes the other person sad, is the stronger of the two. Some people say that a woman’s biggest happiness is being a silk rose and finding a tree that can support it forever. Others say, a woman’s most difficult problem is deciding if they want ‘bread’, or love.

The Woman Above the Bread Tree will air in December on Dragon TV.


The Girlfriends!

 photo Bread4.jpg

 photo Bread5.jpg

 photo Bread6.jpg

 photo Bread20.jpg

Main Pairings:

 photo Bread21.jpg

 photo Bread22.jpg

Tang Yan with Bosco Wong. It’s never creepy when the male lead watches the female lead sleep.

 photo Bread2.jpg

 photo Bread1-1.jpeg

 photo Bread13.jpg

 photo Bread15.jpg

 photo Bread16.jpg

 photo Bread17.jpg

With Sun Yi Zhou.

 photo Bread12.jpg

 photo Bread14.jpg

Sonia Siu. She’s gonna be the fun and wild one of the three.

 photo Bread3.jpg

 photo Bread10.jpg

 photo Bread9.jpg

 photo Bread11.jpg

 photo Bread18.jpg

That wig on Ryan. Lol.

 photo Bread8.jpg

Long Trailer:

Second drama is The Lady in Cubicle, which features Tang Yan with another Hong Kong actor, Ron Ng. It will also air in December on Anhui TV. Keep in mind that it recently finished airing on a local channel in LQ. You can find the drama on youtube.

 photo Bread1.jpg

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Tang Yan’s dramas to come out like Christmas gifts this year

    YEEESSS! i’m happy and definitely can’t wait for both dramas.. i like Tang Yan but i always forget her name, tang yan – tan yang.. ah my bad 🙁

    and Chris Wang.. oh.. my baby is there too.. it’s gonna be awesome.. Bosco Wong looks hot.. and Sonia Siu.. okay.. it’s a must!

    The Lady in Cubicle, what is it about? anyone knows? 🙂

    Thank you so much Kap! enjoy reading this article so much.. 😀

  2. 4 thoughts on “Tang Yan’s dramas to come out like Christmas gifts this year

    Bosco bb…..*__,*

  3. 4 thoughts on “Tang Yan’s dramas to come out like Christmas gifts this year

    The bread one looks fun! Not sure with the second one though. Just curious, is there any romance in The Lost Tomb with Li Yi Feng? I hope there is! 😀
    I can’t believe I’m more interested in C-drama/TW-drama than K-dramas now haha.

  4. 4 thoughts on “Tang Yan’s dramas to come out like Christmas gifts this year

    Yui, The Lady In Cubicle is an office-type of drama and will focus on the career and love life of 3 women as they struggle to climb the social ladder in the biting world of business. Ron Ng is Tang Yan’s superior in the drama.

    Em, I read that fans didn’t like the idea of having a “female lead” since The Lost Tomb is bromance-centric. They’re afraid it might become an idol romance type of drama. Speaking of which, Tang Yan was also the sponsor of the same character in its game version.

    Is that so? Then my job is carried through. XD

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