49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

Now I remember why I don’t do award shows post as often as I would like. It takes forever to compile images! Beside celebrating the accomplishments of Taiwanese dramas this year, the highlight is the sea of pretty people showing up in expensive gowns and jewelries. BUT! A lot of gray and metallic shades today…

What’s going on peeps? We no like colors anymore?

List of Winners:

Best Actress: Chung Hsin Ling (Sun After the Rain)
Best Actor: Christopher Lee (A Good Wife)
Best TV Series: Boys Can Fly
Best Supporting Actress: Isa Hsieh (Lonely River)
Best Supporting Actor: Chen Bo Zheng (Sun After the Rain)
Best Leading Actress in a Mini-series: Ivy Yi (Almost Heaven)
Best Leading Actor in a Mini-series: Wang Xi Rui (My Old Boy)
Best Supporting Actress in a Mini-series: Jenny Wen (Dawn of Spring)
Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-series: Xi Xiang (Tobacco Stem)
Best Marketing Program: In A Good Way

Partial List that I translated, for a full list, click here. If there are mistakes, let me know!

Red Carpet Participants:

Cheryl Yang (The Queen) in a sleek white gown with thigh-high slit. Confident but her face screams stiffness!

 photo GB201450.jpg

 photo GB201451.jpg

 photo GB201449.jpg

Cast of the Sun After The Rain. I did not watch this drama but it is critically acclaimed at the ceremony. Anyone?

 photo GB201448.jpg

I think no one expected Chung Hsin Ling to win Best Actress against all the other popular ladies. I always remember her as the perennial pregnant sister in many dramas, especially in Fated to Love You. It is an emotional speech and night for the actress and she thanks everyone for loving to watch TV. Congrats!

 photo GB201453.jpg

 photo GB201454.jpg

Tian Xin presenting the award to Hsin Ling. Aww.

Ella Chen (The Game of Lies) looking good.

 photo GB201447.jpg

 photo GB201446.jpg

 photo GB201444.jpg

These dresses all come with a bare back. Lol.

 photo GB201445.jpg

Joelle Lu. Aw. I remember her from the Outsiders. But she’s here today for Once Upon a Time in Beitou. It’s a nice red dress but very unflattering on someone without the cup to show off.

 photo GB201443.jpg

 photo GB201442.jpg

 photo GB201441.jpg

Jay Shih (Love Cheque Charge). I like the metallic patterned necktie. How could you come here without George Hu and Jet Chao, Jay?!! =(

 photo GB201440.jpg

 photo GB201439.jpg

The attention then falls on real life married couple Li Yi and June Tsai as they share a sweet kiss while strutting down the red carpet.

 photo GB201438.jpg

 photo GB201437.jpg

 photo GB201436.jpg

Miss Tian Xin (Marry or Not) usually has stunning gowns on the red carpet but this one doesn’t particularly stand out compared to her past numbers. She should be wearing those chest-slit gowns because this mama is well-endowed! 😀

 photo GB201435.jpg

 photo GB201434.jpg

She attends the ceremony with drama husband, Christopher Lee, and drama mother-in-law, Si Man Ning from A Good Wife. Yea, they definitely coordinated the colors…

 photo GB201416.jpg

 photo GB201415.jpg

Christopher – forever a classy, handsome man. The Best Actor award is his first award outside of Singapore.

 photo GB201418.jpg

The happiness on Tian Xin’s face when he wins Best Actor Award is priceless. This is gonna be a long-lasting friendship.

 photo GB201460.jpg

 photo GB201461.jpg

Leroy Young (The Way We Were) with Bianca Bai (If I Love You). I did not recognize her AT ALL.

 photo GB201433.jpg

 photo GB201432.jpg

Great smile! 🙂 Trust me when I say we need that tonight of all nights.

 photo GB201431.jpg

 photo GB201428.jpg

 photo GB201429.jpg

If I told you this young lady, Jenny Wen, is 22, would you believe me? Based on her style? Kids these days. Tskkk!

 photo GB201457.jpg

 photo GB201456.jpg

Best Actress in a Mini-Series, Ivy Yi.

 photo GB201459.jpg

 photo GB201458.jpg

Haven’t seen Bowie Tsang in a long time. She’s Eric Tsang’s daughter! That fact always slips my brain. A casual and safe dress.

 photo GB201427.jpg

 photo GB201426.jpg

Vic Zhou. Does it kill you to smile, dude?! He just looks so miserable. And I miss you in dramaland.

 photo GB201425.jpg

 photo GB201424.jpg

 photo GB201420.jpg

Chen Qiao En. Hmmmm ~~~ Not the best dress nor hairstyle. But she smiles. Weeee~~

 photo GB201421.jpg

 photo GB201422.jpg

 photo GB201423.jpg

Joe Cheng (You Light Up My Star) arrives with little lady Amber Kuo. She’s only 28….but the hair ages her.

 photo GB201412.jpg

 photo GB201413.jpg

 photo GB201410.jpg

 photo GB201411.jpg

Baby-faced Chris Wang leads the way for Sandrine Pinna (The Patisserie with No Name). I like his maroon suit and bowtie. Cute. His latest drama, Aim High, premieres yesterday. Remember to tune in. It’s another friendship drama. Oh boy. But I’m gonna check it out!

 photo GB20148.jpg

 photo GB20147.jpg

Another slit so high up. The iffy chest area again. Ladies, be smart!

 photo GB20149.jpg

Blue Lan (Apple In Your Eye) in the arms of his wife, Jade Chou. Aw, they got married this past May after rekindling their love in See U Hokuriku.

 photo GB20144.jpg

 photo GB20145.jpg

 photo GB20146.jpg

Nope. If you don’t smile, I’ll be mad, Bolin Chen. No, I don’t want your shy wave!

 photo GB20141.jpg

 photo GB20142.jpg


 photo GB20143.jpg

On the one hand, I’m surprised not a lot of Taiwanese Stars showed up. I was expecting more celebrities – Ruby Lin, George Hu, Janine Chang, Aaron Yan, Chris Wu, etc. On the other hand, I’m pretty foreign to the names of this year’s winners. Is it just me being out of Twdramaland loop?

Source: Sina // China Yes

  1. 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

    wow, cheryl looks so scary and stiff even if she pulled off the plain white dresss…. did she have new botox injection or what?

    nobody stood out and the dramas that won awards, i didn’t even watch. Lols.

    why is everyone so sad-looking here? did they know they are not gonna win beforehand so hence the sad face?

    bolin looks like he wore the same tux from last year. vic looks like you said, sad. omg. what terrible ceremony!

    • 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

      No idea why they don’t look happy. Maybe award ceremonies should start having a formal dinner afterwards. 🙂

  2. 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

    Cheryl’s dress look so much better from the back than the front lol. Noone else really stood out though, oh Zai Zai’s suit was horrible… this is like the 3rd year Bolin turned up in Burberry…

    If The Way We Were gets nominated next year I’m sure Ruby will come, since she wants a Golden Bell so much. Plus it will be the 50th edition, hopefully more stars!

    • 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

      haha I did not know she wants a golden bell very much. XD What awards do you predict for TWWW?

      Kat, please advise your honey Bolin to change stylists next year! Come as a red pepper or something. 😛

      So the only way to have a real smile out of him….

  3. 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

    Joe Chen’s dress is my favorite, so stylish and elegant

    • 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

      I think she likes these kind of landscape dresses. I have seen her in a similar one in green and it popped out a lot more at these type of shows. ^_^

  4. 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

    I would love to know about Sun After the Rain. I read the synopsis and it doesn’t really stand out.

    All the ladies look so much older in this event. Christopher Lee is THE MAN! He looks young and stylish. The younger actors need some tips from him. 🙂 Bolin, take notes!

    • 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

      Viki is subbing it so do check out their progress!

  5. 9 thoughts on “49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

    Vic has always been a party pooper. He’s lucky he’s super good-looking lol. Bolin looks so cute, but then again he’s always super cute to me. I love that man.

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