The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

I know I’m slow, if only I were a robot, recapping would be a breeze! So let’s keep spoilers from future episodes away from this post (we can discuss book changes, of course!) Last recap was really fun, thanks to everyone who chimed in. The discussion was lively and I think we all learned a thing or two, even if we are on different shipping camp. It’s okay to think differently than others (it is after all subjective), as long as we keep the discussion polite and respectful, I think we can make it to episode 54 without losing anyone. Lol. Let’s promise that you guys will watch and suffer with me through this arduous journey because the death count is officially on and you never know when your favorite character is on the chopping block!

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Wu Xin The Monster Killer: Episode 1 “Rapunzel Ghost.”

Something’s in the water, I’m writing yet another recap. What’s with me?!! The desire to recap is sky-high in my system these past few weeks. I’m already behind on Hua Qian Gu recaps too. =/ But anyway, the fantasy-horror drama at hand, Wu Xin The Monster Killer, is currently being streamed on sohu with a batch of new faces. I have never seen any of the actors before and it was a refreshing hour for the eyes (yes the popular ones are cute and shiny, but I root for underdogs harder!) While the premiere episode did not grip me with the expected intensity, it promises a brisk pace, multiple mysteries, and best of all – plenty of good characters with good intentions to ground us into their story.

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Aim High: Episode 1 “Never stop dreaming.”

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the lesson for today! Never let anyone rain on your dreams and definitely, never let anyone tell you to stop dreaming! 🙂

SETTV’s latest offering on Fridays gives us Aim High, (another) story following (another) group of friends as they live, dream, and struggle in today’s brutal working society. You sense my skeptical attitude yet? At the end of the hour, I liked what I saw in these kids adults. The name brings me back to my own high school moments, how we gathered around the teacher’s desk and guessed who scored the highest on the weekly calculus test (such nerds we were!), and one of my friends would say, “Aim high, so when you fall, you fall within your true range.” The response he always got was, “Shut up!”

Now that I think about his quote, I snicker, that puny-sized wise kid.

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Nobunaga Concerto: Episode 1 “A hero who runs away.”

Firstly, let’s get the obvious aging itch off of our chest. Shun, man. Next time you receive a script that calls for a teen role, hand the script to me. Lol. I’d find an age-appropriate Japanese actor to take the part and spare you the ongoing laughs by your peers (I’m seeing Nino’s tiny fingers pointing.) 😀 Anyway, now that we are done with the complaint, I have to say I enjoyed the premiere episode of Nobunaga Concerto, a drama adaptation of the manga series, “Nobunaga Kontseruto” by Ayumi Ishii. I found myself laughing hysterically in certain scenes and I went in NOT expecting it to be funny at all.

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Love Cheque Charge: Episode 1 “Potentials but…”

 photo LCC1-15-1.jpg
Where’s the line, Georgie? I gotta be first to get that guarantee!!

Now that I’m free from The Way We Were, I decided to check out a newly premiere SETTV’s drama, Love Cheque Charge, featuring baby Georgie and Phoebe Yuan, an actress who has an uncanny resemblance to his previous co-star, Annie. Then I belated realized it’s a freakin’ daily drama! For a whopping 70 episodes…. I am not happy with this arrangement. Georgie, I don’t do dailies! You know that! Can’t you be more a little more considerate and star in a normal 15-episode drama? With Gui Gui? (I had to throw that in there, drifters.)

First episode is decent.

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Coffee Cat Mama: Episode 5-8 “Shipping has settled.”

 photo Coffee620.jpg

For two people who are still reading, this is probably my last recap for CCM, unless something awesome compels me to rave. It’s a solid show but I find the humor more funny and the scenes more meaningful if you experience it through watching instead of reading.

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Return of the Silver Tongue: Episode 1-4 “Sassy heroine!”

 photo Silver-01mkv_002590078.jpg
How’s this to capture your interest?

I wonder if this is all planned. After Kristal bagged home the Best Actress Award a week ago, her drama Return of the Silver Tongue immediately premiered. Not only is she the female lead, she also sings the theme song with adorable actor, Fred Cheng, who has been basked in the limelight for his participation in The Voice of the Stars. It’s an entertaining series so far with Kristal anchoring my interest in her vibrant, saucy performance.

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