Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (5)

Well, well, well. With the high number of dramas airing right now and shelved dramas waiting to see the light, it’s expected to hear announcements of new projects left and right from everyone in Cdramaland. Not a minute too soon. But how many dramas are you interested in, is another question.

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Kisses and angst in The Legend of Fragrance’s themevideo

OHHHHHHHHH!! I know Li Yi Feng and Tang Yan are the leads but the scenes with second lead couple, Shu Chang and William Chan, look so sweet and angsty, thanks no large part to her character being of Japanese descent. In other news, are you ready to see Tang Yan dominate the small screen in the first quarter of 2015? Girl has 3 confirmed dramas airing and the number is rising. The opening themesong is released just a few hours ago accompanied by lots and lots of spoilers. You are warned!

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Li Yi Feng sings the themesong for The Legend of Fragrance

Did you know this puppy started out as a singer? I didn’t. Both Legend of Fragance and Cruel Romance were slotted to air in November and I was pumped for them until they were stripped of their line number. =/ But anyway, they are now scheduled for an early broadcast in 2015. What the heck does that even mean?!! *grumble grumble*

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The Legend of Fragrance wraps up filming and drops intriguing trailers

He doesn’t look sick enough to need a maid!

Oh Goodness. Why must the trailer be good? I have enough anticipated Cdramas as it is. Don’t believe me? Check the Cdrama tag.

I expect cheesiness and slapstick comedy but the 14-minute trailer (divided into small sections) is surprising me with its quiet yet intense setup in characters and narrative. Seems like Shu Chang has the meatier role, being the villain with a sly smile and pure outer appearance. Likewise, William Chan is exceptionally handsome as her OTP. Adorable is Li Yi Feng‘s nickname. A little disappointed in Tang Yan‘s character so far. Those straight bangs and poor girl’s hairstyles. She has done these types of characters before. Hopefully, the writer had something up their sleeves. I need to love my female lead!!

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More cute behind the scene stills from Butterfly Fragrance

 photo Butter29.jpg

Watch out guys, the cute-o-meter for this drama is blowing up the roof! I really don’t need more reasons to check this out. The cast, old and young, get along so well that they are posing and snapping selfies like there’s no tomorrow. What I like even more? The bromance and the sisterhood are displayed in fair amounts. The guys are pals and the ladies are friends (despite having conflicts due to differences in status), instead of the same old setup where the second female lead is deemed evil and pining after the male lead in every single scene. She has her own man and struggles. Which makes me question why the theme of friendship between women is rarely proportional in drama land, when compared to the dominant male rapport. A lifetime of loyalty and trust run deep in our blood as well!

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Adorable Tang Yan & Li Yi Feng lead in Butterfly Fragrance

 photo buttercover.jpg

Hee! Now this is a cast I’m attracted to without second thoughts. As you know, Tang Yan has wrapped up Lady and the Liar, and Li Yi Feng‘s Return of the Heiress, has finished airing. Thus, the two are chosen to lead in a new period Cdrama titled, Butterfly Fragrance. To round out the full cast are Shu Chang and William Chan, portraying the second leads.

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