Tang Yan’s dramas to come out like Christmas gifts this year

Tang Yan’s fans must be happy, girl’s baking out dramas like chocolate chip cookies! She has a few dramas that needed to be aired alone! And she recently joins The Lost Tomb as its female lead, collaborating with Li Yi Feng again after The Legend of Fragrance. Her character’s badass hairstyle and leather coat can be seen above. =D

Two dramas that were filmed two (or so) years ago are now scheduled to release this December. She knows how to keep her fans happy!

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The Pursuit of Happiness: Episode 1 “Love is persistence?”

 photo d1ccbdbe-17c8-4776-86d7-04ac446bf6a3.jpg

The sexy spy in Black & White returns to the small screen (didn’t watch her other works.) Sonia Sui abandons the gun and picks up a baggage, playing a confident woman in her mid thirties. All I ask is that she’s more Dal Ja Spring and less pity party Ruby Lin. So far, so good. Our girl isn’t a leftover, she simply needs to tie up one stringy romance before moving on. She doesn’t need help in that area.

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