Happy Valentine’s Day + Lovey photos from Productions

Wow….is love in the air or what? Production teams taking turns releasing love-themed photos of their projects one after the other. Some are not even that valentine-specific, if I’m being honest. Lol. By the time I wake up tomorrow, there might be more. Nevertheless, Happy Valentine’s Day drifters! Enjoy the pink day whether or not you’re with someone. Know that you deserve love in the kindest form. Never expect less than what you deserve! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (27)

A lot of dramas are coming out (heck nawwww February!!) and a lot started their productions this past week as well. Some will get mentioned, others will get mentioned when there is more info. Never sleep, cdramaland. Cause I don’t need to. *joking joking*

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Angelababy in a cryptic romance with Ethan Ruan in Kill Time

Based on a suspense novel, Angelababy will be romancing Ethan Ruan on Valentines Day this year! Kill Time tells the story of a deceased cop’s daughter re-investigating an unresolved case of her father’s nine years prior to his death. During her investigation, she discovers more critical clues and develops feelings for a charming young man. However, she has an inkling of having met him before… which doesn’t bode well when the truth might tear them apart.

More stills and a number of kisses in the trailer!

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