NewsFlash: Cdramas Air Dates/Schedule in 2017

As a tradition, here’s the compiled list of Cdramas set to air in 2017. You can find this post and previous years below the banner of this site at the tab called “Cdramas Airing.” Feel free to let me know of any upcoming dramas that I missed. Anyway, was there a meeting that I don’t know about? The topic of the meeting is something along the line of let kill cdrama viewers in January of 2017! Holy smokes. The amount of dramas in one month is almost half that of Kdramas in 4 months. XD

Bye to 2016, a year of pain, learning, and understanding!

NOTE: Click on the drama name to read blog-related posts. ^_^

Drama Name: Beauty Reborn (Guardian of Beauty)
Cast: Li Xiao Lu, Zhang Yi
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: 1/1/17

Drama Name: The Last Visa
Cast: Wang Lei, Chen Baoguo
Episode Count: 36
Airing Date: 1/1/17

Drama Name: Pretty Li Hui Zhen
Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Peter Sheng Yi Lun
Episode Count: 36
Airing Date: 1/2/17

Drama Name: General and I
Cast: Wallace Chung, Angelababy
Episode Count: 62
Airing Date: 1/2/17

Drama Name: Be With You
Cast: Wilber Pan, Xu Lu
Episode Count: 44
Airing Date: 1/2/17

Drama Name: War Flowers
Cast: Han Xue, Zhang Dan Feng
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: 1/2/7

Drama Name: Magic Star
Cast: Leo Wu Lei, Chen Xiang
Episode Count:
Airing Date: 1/3/17

Drama Name: Love & Life & Lie
Cast: Chen Xiao, Zhou Dong Yu
Episode Count: 38
Airing Date: 1/4/17

Drama Name: Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017
Cast: Yang Xu Wen, Li Yi Tong
Episode Count: 52
Airing Date: 1/09/17

Drama Name: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me
Cast: Ming Ren Yan Kai, Zhang Ya Qin
Episode Count: 23
Airing Date: 1/09/17

Drama Name: Proud of Love 2
Cast: Song Yun Ha, Tong Meng Shi
Episode Count: 18
Airing Date: 1/11/17

Drama Name: Kun Lun Que Zhi Qian Jin Sheng
Cast: Joe Xu Hai Qiao, Viann Zhang
Episode Count: TBD
Airing Date: 1/12/17

Drama Name: The Perfect Couple
Cast: Ren Zhong, Wan Qian
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 1/15/17

Drama Name: The Journey
Cast: Ma Ke, Fu Xin Bo, Zhou Yu Tong
Episode Count: TBA
Airing Date: 1/16/17

Drama Name: Three Lives Three Worlds Tao Hua Yuan
Cast: Ming Ren Yan Kai, Zhang Ya Qin
Episode Count: TBD
Airing Date: 1/26/17

Drama Name: Star Era
Cast: Li Sheng, Sheng Guan Sen
Episode Count: 23 (TV), 40 (online)
Airing Date: 1/28/17

Drama Name: The Glory of Tang Dynasty
Cast: Jing Tian, Shu Chang, Mao Zi Jun
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 1/29/17

Drama Name: Three Lives Three Worlds – Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Cast: Yang Mi, Mark Zhao, Alan Yu
Episode Count: 58
Airing Date: 1/30/17

Drama Name: Perfume Woman
Cast: Han Dong, Kiton Jiang
Episode Count: 60
Airing Date: 1/30/17

Drama Name: The Starry Night The Starry Sea
Cast: Feng Shao Feng, Haden Kuo
Episode Count: 32
Airing Date: 2/6/17

Drama Name: The Qin Empire 3
Cast: Ning Jing, Zhang Bo, Shi Bai Qi
Episode Count: 34
Airing Date: 2/09/17

Drama Name: Full Love
Cast: Hawick Lau, Wang Ou
Episode Count: 44
Airing Date: 2/12/17

Drama Name: Youth Huo Yuan Jia
Cast: Li Hao Xuan
Episode Count: 51
Airing Date: 2/12/17

Drama Name: Slacker’s Food Diary
Cast: Gui Gui, Dylan Kuo
Episode Count: 30
Airing Date: 2/13/17

Drama Name: Till Death Tear Us Apart
Cast: Yan Zi Dong and Jiang Zi Le
Episode Count: TBA
Airing Date: 2/14/17

Drama Name: Long For You
Cast: Song Wei Long, Zhou Yu Tong
Episode Count: TBA
Airing Date: 2/14/17

Drama Name: Detective Samoyeds (Righteous Ardor of Chang An)
Cast: Joe Xu Hai Qiao, Ju Jing Yi
Episode Count: 48
Airing Date: 2/15/17

Drama Name: Above The Clouds
Cast: Chen Xiao, Yuan Shan Shan
Episode Count: 49
Airing Date: 2/23/17

Drama Name: I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho
Cast: Pan Zi Jian, Zhu Sheng Yi
Episode Count:
Airing Date: 2/24/17

Drama Name: Because of You
Cast: Sun Yi, Deng Lun
Episode Count: 56
Airing Date: 3/2/17

Drama Name: The Battle At Dawn
Cast: Wang Qian Yuan, Liu Shi Shi
Episode Count: 31
Airing Date: 3/3/17

Drama Name: Spy Game
Cast: Johnny Wen, Ma Yi Li
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 3/20/17

Drama Name: Legend of the Dragon Pearl
Cast: Yang Zi, Qin Jun Jie
Episode Count: TBA
Airing Date: 05/2017

Drama Name: Song of Phoenix
Cast: Ma Ke, Qiao Zhen Yu
Episode Count: 81
Airing Date: 06/2017

Drama Name: The Road to Bid Farewell is Filled with Flowers
Cast: Wallace Chung, Maggie Jiang, Aaron Yan
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: 7/08/17 *temp

Drama Name:
Episode Count:
Airing Date:

Post Last Updated: 2/7/16. I spent a lot of time writing this up. DO NOT COPY & PASTE! Please link fans back here. Much thanks!

Which one(s) are you looking forward to the most?


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  1. ChocolateCosmos

    All the dramas have so many episodes… how will I persuade my mom to watch them, lol?
    She always quit halfway when knowing the episode count lol
    Anyhow looking forward to General and I (it’s licensed by Dramafever)
    Pretty Li Hui Zhen is licensed by viki and dramafever.
    As for 3L3W, the movie channel for viki is set up and the tv show channel is also set up (they need people to send in license requests )…
    Since Viki subbed Proud of Love 1 they also got the license for Proud of Love 2.
    I hope this information helps any fans out there 🙂
    Happy New Year~~

  2. keekeepod

    Thanks, and happy New Year.

    1. Kappy

      Happy New year, Keekeepod! 🙂

  3. mingly

    Thanks Kappy and Happy New Year!
    So, all these drama are web drama and showing only online right? It seems drama series are not made to show on TV anymore? I guess the ones with more views are considered high ratings, but I wonder how that system works.

    1. frea

      its a mixed of both webdramas and dramas that air on tv. popular ones like general and I get aired on multiple platforms (web and TV). they sometime get aired on the same day. dramas without popular actors sometimes get picked up by an online platform before a tv station.

      ratings are thus sorted in 2 categories: online views and tv ratings. the ones kappy posted a few weeks ago only shows us dramas with the highest online views (chusen was the highest i remember).

      1. mingly

        Oh okay…thanks frea 🙂 Happy New Year!

      2. malgjac

        Where can i see the post with ratings :)?

    2. Kappy

      Thanks Frea for input!

      Happy New Year Mingly!

  4. chasingpolaris

    Happy New Year!

    Looking forward to Li Hui Zhen, Love & Life & Lie, The Glory of Tang Dynasty, The Road to Bid Farewell is Filled with Flowers, and of course Legend of the Dragon Pearl.

    1. Kappy

      Li Hui Zhen looks adorable, one of the few modern dramas I want to watch! =D

      Happy New Year Polaris!

  5. Julianne Lin

    Happy New Year!!!

    How are these so good and plentiful! Looking forward to Pretty Li Hui Zhen, General and I, LotCH 2017 (YAYAYAYAY! I hope Condor Heroes broadcasts more than once a week…), Glory of Tang Dynasty, Road to Bid Farewell, and Legend of Dragon Pearl (although, my excitement for this one has been dying down a lot). January will be a GREAT month. I, for one, am one of those who actually enjoy the crazy overflow of dramas. Don’t overwork though, Kappy :D.

    Not super gaga, but will still check out Magic Star (for Wu Lei), Detective Samoyeds (maybe?), Three Lives (very much maybe), and Till Death Do Us Part.

    1. Kappy

      Happy New Year Juli!

      I know you’re excited cause you be flying through the episodes and binge-watching them!

      I’ll be very selective on the uploading part. Back to work now so need to be smarter about time management, one aspect that I can never get right!

  6. Ironfingers

    Thank you for all your hard work. I am forever your fan girl. I don’t know if you are going to do an epic new year’s eve performances on different t.v station like you did last year. Ill keep stalking lol. Thank you.

    1. Kappy

      I was wrapping up that post when I saw your comment. heehee!

      You’re welcome! I’m becoming a pro at that epic stuff now. *flips virtual hair* Lol.

      1. Ironfingers

        Lol your too awesome! Thank you again. Injust saw your post. I’ll click on it after i do the count down with my family. Woo binge watching can’t wait!

  7. tokkita

    Wah so many new dramas. I’ve only just started Princess Weiyoung recently lol ^_^;

    Looking forward to Pretty Li Hui Zhen, General and I, The Glory of Tang Dynasty, and Legend of the Dragon Pearl XD

    1. Kappy

      That’s good! Then you can now forward the rest of the scenes like ZOOM! HEHE. The writing derailed in the latter half so watch out! =D

      1. tokkita

        Hahah thanks for the heads up Kappy!

  8. Ryu

    Happy new year, Kap!

    I’m surprised by how much I’m not looking forward to any of the dramas. Such a different feeling from when I first recapped here. Only mildly interested in General and I and maybe Three Lives Three Worlds because I’ve read the novels. I’m prepared to watch Love & Live & Lie by abusing the fast-forward function, because it looks a little dog blood to me. But I always have a soft spot for Zhou Dong Yu so I want to watch, lol.

    1. Kappy

      Heyheyhey Miss Ryu!

      Happy New Year! So many dramas so I’m feeling drowned by them. Dog blood?! Lol! I know the stills are trying to fool us into thinking it’s cute and fluffy, but it’s totally not!

  9. mmmh

    So. Many. Dramas.
    I mean, it’s just day 1 of 365 today, but at least for now, I’m not super interested in anything yet.

    (Psst… Unless you can bend time–which, if you can, please share this great knowledge!–I don’t think your last updated date is right.)

    1. Kappy

      Lol! This is the mistake caused by fixing another mistake! XD

      If I could bend, so many things could be better!

  10. Keiko

    School is about to start again tomorrow, and too many dramas are ALSO starting tomorrow. IM ABOUT TO DIE
    Now I don’t know how I’ll manage my time…
    Most dramas have too many episodes + still watching Shuttle and Stay with me. I guess I’ll have to weigh in which one is the best, and watch it first…
    Looking forward to General And I, Pretty Li Hui Zhen, Be with Me and Love & Life & Lie.
    Thank you for thisss ♥♥

    1. Kappy

      Life of a student, Keiko! 😀 Don’t worry, we’ll let you know of the good seeds, so-so seeds, and bad seeds. LOL.

  11. sharreb

    It so crazzy to have this much out in January.
    My eyes go to Prettyy Li Hui Zhen and General and I.
    Love&Life&Lie- maybe- everyone’s been talking how long it was shelved.

    Happy New Year again Kappy – be in good health always and thanks for this post- i do love lists 😀

    Wasnt able to comment on the other post on new year performances- cant load youtube vids here- hope to do so later at lunch break at hime

    1. Kappy

      Thanks Sharreb! I do need good health and peace in my life. =D

      Happy New Year! Have a prosperous one! 8D

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