Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post: Episodes 1 & 2

I give up. I will join the dark side and follow this drama, even if I’m not a fan of the novel writer’s works. Lol. She’s known as Stepmother for a reason! Really want to see how our Wu Xin goes all bad boy in here (+ other pretty boys and girls!) So shallow of me. But I blame you guys!

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Drama Siege in Fog with Han Dong Jun and Sun Yi is finally airing in March 2018!

Yay! Finally! Even though this isn’t my cup of tea, I’m happy for those of you who had been waiting for it to air! The OTP – Han Dong Jun and Sun Yi – look mighty angsty and oh so pretty! As a matter of fact, the whole cast is pretty ~

March 2nd everyone!

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Drama themesongs: Nothing Gold Can Stay, King is Not Easy, Attack it, Lightning!

A few dramas are premiering today! Which ones will you be checking out?

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Per Chinese Valentine’s Day, Sun Yi sings themesong for Siege in Fog OST

Well, at least we have some updates? Still no confirmed news of a broadcast date despite two leaked episodes. But the new song is a good indication that they have gotten the green light to air….very soon (rumor is on QQ). The reason why I didn’t include those leaked episodes anywhere because watching them means 1) you’re supporting the said youtube channel making money not the right way. 2) does not quench your thirst.

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Han Dong Jun is infatuated with Sun Yi in Siege in Fog’s 9-minute trailer

In the latest extended trailer for Siege in Fog (迷雾围城), we go inside the heroine (Sun Yi)’s mind as she broods over her ill-fated marriage life with one very obsessive man (Elvis Han Dong Jun), while she harbors feelings for another seemingly heroic guy (Jeremy Tsui). For some odd reason, I really, really love this extended trailer. Crazy moments still take place but the trailer has adopted a calming, melancholic tone throughout the whole 9 minute. However, it never falters in the intensity of each stirring scene. We see more sides of Han Dong Jun’s crazy love for Sun Yi and how her resistance slowly slips away under his dashing good looks and undying devotion through it all. I also love the wide shots of the filming sets – they are gorgeous, along with the detailed and vibrant colors of each costume. *swoons*

I give in. I will watch.

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Forced marriage, slaps, and kisses in Elvis Han’s Seige in Fog

Well, official trailer is out and it’s not like we didn’t know this before. Coming from angsty writer Fei Wo Si Cun of Too Late To say I Love I Love You, If Time Could Stop at The Moment When We First Met (人生若只如初见) is the drama adaptation of her novel Seige in Fog (迷雾围城) starring Elvis Han Dong Jun and Sun Yi.

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