George Hu and Kan Qing Zi and the Art in Love

Art In Love (那刻的怦然心动) is a modern drama with George Hu and Kan Qing Zi as leads. George plays a perfectionist artist, who is introverted, sensitive, and cold. His personality is challenged by our heroine (Kan Qing Zi) who isn’t afraid of anything. They know each other in college and begin clashing then. When given the chance to pursue further education in arts, our hero chooses to follow his dream and study abroad, sacrificing the budding romance. Seven years later, he returns home and meets our heroine again, but throughout the years, she is guarded by a handsome basketball player (Hong Yao). Places have changed, time has changed, but their hearts ache the same… sounds so familiar! Lol!

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George Hu.

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Kan Qing Zi.

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Hong Yao.

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Guan Shi Min.

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Art in Love premieres on December 18th with 35 episodes. Yep. More offerings!

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  1. 3 thoughts on “George Hu and Kan Qing Zi and the Art in Love

    OMG I love this guy!!.. but I hate to say I gonna have a second lead syndrome TT
    She looks so cute with long hair sad after “7years” she got short hair just to make her look older TT whyyyyy anyway looking forward for this one!

  2. 3 thoughts on “George Hu and Kan Qing Zi and the Art in Love

    I really like Kang Qingzi in Tribes and Empires. I wish George Hu wasn’t the lead. His acting is average and his facial proportions are weird.

    I’m getting so harsh with my criticism of male actors! T_T I should not be like this. But there are so many good looking ones around, the standards keep going up!

    • 3 thoughts on “George Hu and Kan Qing Zi and the Art in Love

      @ jen; I like how harsh you are on the males lol! There’s so many pretty faces nowadays our standards have to be higher lmao! And women are always getting bashed for the least thing sio let the men get bashed for a change.

      I agree with you about George. Don’t know why but he always gives me desperate second lead vibes for some reason.

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