Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (9)

My newest obsession: Baby Groot! No, I’m still waiting to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Meanwhile, rewatching groot dancing. Do you think we would get Hormonal Teenage Groot in movie 3? Lol!

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Liu Shi Shi and Ming Dao’s Happiness of An Angel to air on HNTV after 7 years!

Whoa. I can’t believe it. Fans are buzzing with happiness on weibo. After seven years of never-ending waiting, Happiness of an Angel or Tian Shi De Xing Fu (天使的幸福), the modern drama with Liu Shi Shi and Ming Dao as leads has been picked up again by HunanTV. They still didn’t drop an exact air date but the fact that it got “to air soon” is a good sign for this slumber baby. It will be interesting to see how the content and fashion of this production contend with today’s blink blink color palette. Filming took place at Hainan Island. It’s gonna be beautiful!

Now you guys can dance! Weeee ~

UPDATE: Airing on 5/22!

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Cdrama ‘Happiness of An Angel’ releases 15-minute trailer


Hmmm, I’ll be honest but when I scanned through the synopsis of this drama, I was bored. A rich, cold doctor falling for a poor single mom. Then we have an evil mother of his to deal with? At this, my friend adds, “He has a car accident and falls into a coma at some point too!” I chuckled.

I thought the title Happiness of An Angel was corny until I found out that it’s the happiness of Liu Shi Shi’s daughter that the title speaks of since the little one discovers she has AIDS and thus begins her struggle against the terrible disease. The last few minutes of the trailer made me teary. My interest is mildly piqued. Let’s hope we have a great drama to watch.

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