Modern drama Dear Them with Song Dan Dan, Zhang Ruo Yun, and Jiang Yan

Dear Them (亲爱的她们) is an urban emotional story centering on today’s relationships between parents and kids, parents and friends, and parents and their story after old age. Zhang Ruo Yun is pretty lucky to be surrounded by women of all ages starting with the veterans like Song Dan Dan, Liu Li Li, and Vivian Wu.

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Veteran actress Song Dan Dan takes on the matriarch figure in the story, a divorced woman running a restaurant.

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Zhang Ruo Yun plays warm-hearted painter.

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Jiang Yan as Miss Song Dan Dan’s daughter.

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Liu Li Li.

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Zhu Yin.

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With 41 episodes, Dear Them begins airing today 12/10.

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  1. One thought on “Modern drama Dear Them with Song Dan Dan, Zhang Ruo Yun, and Jiang Yan

    …..Zhang Ruo Yun, I thought I’d watch any drama for you, but this family drama looks tacky as hell. But you’re so cute…… maybe if I equip myself with fastforwarding button…

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