Small Town Adventures with Song Qian, Yang Yang, Jiang Jin Fu is finally airing!

Do you remember this drama? It’s been a while, at least three years since it’s been shelved. Small Town Adventures (茧镇奇缘) is a thrilling mystery-solving show set in the republican period and look at how far these actors have gone since their younger days! Victoria Song, Jiang Jin Fu, Yang Yang, and Zhang Zhi Xi!

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Old Stills:

Old Synopsis that I translated: The story revolves around mysterious murder cases and the heroine is described as a bright, astute, and curious young lady. She uses her keen observation and analysis to solve cases. But the interesting factor lies in her special ability to extract clues from a set of tarot cards. After years of studying abroad, Du Chun Xiao (Victoria Song) returns to Jiangnan with her dear friend, Huang Meng Ching (Zhang Zhi Xi). Coincidentally, Meng Ching’s father, Mr. Huang (Jiang Tong), celebrates his 60th birthday. Blessed with a luxurious life, he welcomes Chun Xiao into their family without second thoughts. He likes her enough to engage her to his first son, Huang Mo Ru (Yang Yang). However, Chun Xiao’s stay with the Huangs causes strange events to happen, threatening her life. During those precarious moments, Chun Xiao finds herself befriending Huang Mu Yun (Jiang Jin Fu), Meng Ching’s younger brother. Slowly, feelings are developed and awakened. It’s also around this time that Chun Xiao discovers the truth about her identity, along with the layers and layers of unsettling sins caused by Mr. Huang in the past 20 years. [All mistakes are unintentional. Please do not take out w/o permission.]

Victoria Song. Our legendary female detective. Don’t really like that short bob.

 photo Tarot111.jpg

 photo Tarot112.jpg photo Tarot113.jpg

Jiang Jin Fu.

 photo Tarot114.jpg

 photo Tarot118.jpg photo Tarot110.jpg

Yang Yang.

 photo Tarot14.jpg

 photo Tarot115.jpg

Zhang Zhi Xi. The sister and best friend. These three pictures are of the same actress, right?

 photo Tarot16.jpg

 photo Tarot13.jpg photo Tarot19.jpg

The sinister father. Mr. Huang.

 photo Tarot17.jpg

Not so nice 3rd mistress, played by Zhou Yi. Evil is written in her hair and pink eye stuff. Third picture is of 2nd mistress in Cao Yan Yang.

 photo Tarot11.jpg photo Tarot12.jpg
 photo Tarot15.jpg photo Tarot18.jpg

Official Stills

 photo Tarot211.jpg

 photo Tarot210.jpg

 photo Tarot119.jpg

 photo Tarot117.jpg

 photo Tarot116.jpg

 photo Tarot21.jpg

 photo Tarot22.jpg

 photo Tarot23.jpg

 photo Tarot24.jpg

 photo Tarot25.jpg

 photo Tarot26.jpg

 photo Tarot27.jpg

 photo Tarot28.jpg

 photo Tarot29.jpg

Old Trailer:

Directed by Li Shao Hong (Palace of Desire (1998), The Dream of Red Mansions (2010), Flower Pinellia (2013), Small Town Adventures has 40 episodes and premieres on November 6th!

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Small Town Adventures with Song Qian, Yang Yang, Jiang Jin Fu is finally airing!

    for those who have read novel I want to ask is there birth secret in that novel? because I saw trailer there Huang Moru (Yang Yang) and Huang Meng Ching (Zhang Zhi Xi)’s wedding scene, while in that synopsis they are brother and sister. I’m confuse, because I ship them in their still pictures

  2. 3 thoughts on “Small Town Adventures with Song Qian, Yang Yang, Jiang Jin Fu is finally airing!

    First time I think YangYang looks awful in a still. His character posters make him look smarmy and sickly….

  3. 3 thoughts on “Small Town Adventures with Song Qian, Yang Yang, Jiang Jin Fu is finally airing!

    It takes talent to make Yang Yang look that bad… This must be pretty bad to be shelved for three years. I’ve never seen Victoria in any dramas, but there’s one particularly “interesting” gif of her acting that made me think this girl has no business acting. And that’s one of her recent productions, so I don’t think this one will be any better, lol.

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