Ancient Drama Updates: Legend of Fu Yao, The King of Blaze, God of Lost Fantasy, Win The World

I was preparing for bed until I saw the onslaught of updates on news sites. Turns out it’s Qixi Festival aka Chinese Valentine’s Day! Drama productions release new stills to celebrate the annual meeting of two (tragic) lovers, the tale of Zhi Nu and Niu Lang’s forbidden love as the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. I’m sure we have at least watched one adaptation of this story.

You might drown in the stills so I focus mostly on ancient dramas….for now. Lol.

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Webdrama Psychologist with Qiao Zhen Yu, Tang Yi Xin, Qi Ji

Because we need more dramas in April to cater to everyone! Here’s a another webdrama with three of your favorite actors! Qiao Zhen Yu, Tang Yi Xin, and long time no see hottie long legs, Qi Ji! The synopsis for Psychologist is pretty vague, we have a divorced psychologist (Qiao Zhen Yu) clashing with another personality in Tina Tang, whose identity is a mystery, for better or for worse (dual personality?) I don’t know what that means. Lol.

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Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

Well, here it is 🙂 My first post~ YAY ^_^

This ended up being a bit more based on my opinion then just solely on the episode, but let’s continue >.<

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Cdramas: Memory Lost, When A Snail Falls In Love Episodes

Since both are Ding Mo’s novels, I’ve placed them in the same post for easy access. ;D Brains vs Brawn. Which one will capture your heart?

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Ding Mo’s novels, Memory Lost and Snail Falls In Love, go head-to-head on the small screen

These two productions crack me up. Same day release of stills, press conference, and a final trailer? If you were Ding Mo, how would you feel? Proud that your works are being compared? Upset that they are being compared? Anyhoo, good thing for us fans is you don’t have to choose one over another, unless you want to. Lol. I’m interested in both! 😀

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Yang Rong and Bai Yu fight and flirt in Memory Lost Second Trailer

So cute. SO CUTE. I dig this. Yumama has himself another hit series right here. His strong suit is never about the writing but them magical hands in creating memorable leads in reel and real-ity. Not sure how closely he’s following Ding Mo’s original story Memory Lost (美人为馅), the third detective series, after When A Snail Loves and Love Me If You Dare, so you guys can tell me or give up telling me about his notorious deviations. Lol. While the first trailer promises actions and explosions, the second one teases the flirty moments between Yang Rong and Johnny Bai Yu. HIS SMIRK!

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Yang Rong and Bai Yu’s Memory Lost unveils action-packed teaser

Johnny: I’m gonna…eat….you…”

Upcoming drama adaptation of Ding Mo’s Memory Lost, the third thriller novel in his detective series (after When A Snail Loves and Love Me If You Dare) has dropped an action-packed teaser! Yang Rong is looking gorgeous, surrounded by her handsome entourage of policemen, led by hero Johnny Bai Yu. Leave it to Yumama to always pair up the right people because these two are sparkling with chemistry just in the stills alone.

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Yu Zheng teases Yang Rong’s leading man in Memory Lost, reveals supporting male cast

So you guys can breathe a sigh of relief now, Jiro Wang is no longer playing the male lead opposite Yang Rong in the upcoming drama adaptation of Ding Mo’s Memory Lost, the third thriller novel in his detective series (after When A Snail Loves and Love Me If You Dare.) Yumama is having a hoot on weibo recently, teasing and challenging fans to figure out mysterious leading actor with only a picture of his back. Beside that, he also posted a parade of handsome supporting male actors, from killers to police officers, to crushers. After years of being delegated to supporting roles, Yumama finally does Yang Rong right. I never thought posting pictures of pretty/handsome actors could be this tiring. Ya know I have to choose the pictures wisely, showing their best features – side profile, smiles, dimples, and sometimes plain shirtless. =P

EDIT (4/21/16): Yu Zheng confirmed Bai Yu as the male lead.

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