Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

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Before we get started, we should all give a big thanks to Kappy for these AWESOME screenshots! *Applause, Applause* Yay, thank you Kappy! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

Memory Lost Ep 1 RECAP:

Before we get started, I wanted to show you guys the short description of this drama, so you can sort of get the feel of it \( ‘ . ‘ )/ : Brilliant police officer Han Chen searches tirelessly for his lost fiancée despite his amnesia, and despite everyone else insisting that this woman does not exist. His search leads him to Bai Jin Xi, a sunny girl working as a police detective and whose mysterious past is as full of secrets as Han Chen’s own.

This is actually really good, the plot line is interesting. The main characters have a good chemistry, although I believe Yang Rong didn’t really suit the role of a badass female. She seems too small/petite to be able to beat up guys, not trying to be sexist, but I feel like someone taller and more built would suit the role better. My opinion; feel free to comment what you think down below 🙂

We start of the first episode with the female protagonist trying to convince the body guard to let her into the party. It’s a bit strong to start off the first episode like this, because viewers may be slightly confused (talking about me here >.>)

 photo 01Mem 1.jpgIt’s apparently a swimsuit party, and Bi Jin Xi (Yang Rong) our female lead, happened to be wearing a dress . . . She tries to use her feminine wiles to get her way, but the bodyguard is not budging at all.

Meanwhile, inside the party, two gangs seem to be meeting up to discuss selling a “certain something”. Jin Xi is now desperate, and tears up her dress, making is a swimsuit in no time. What’s funny is that she actually had to reveal her stomach in order for the bodyguard to finally agree, and acknowledge that she indeed is wearing a swimsuit.

 photo 01Mem 3.jpg photo 01Mem 4.jpgMeanwhile, the screen switches, and we see our male lead, calmly drinking wine while looking down at the party below. He seems to be deep in thought, and the camera pans up and we see . . . Han Chen (Bai Yu), our male lead. I’m actually pretty excited, since Bai Yu is from Just One Smile is Very Alluring, and I loveeee that show. I didn’t really like his character in that drama (maybe because he wasn’t the male lead), but he seems to fit this role really well. Anyways . . .

Continuing from before, a hotel assistant comes up and offers to refill his wine, and Han Chen passes. He subtly tells her that the wine has a weird taste, and she should go tell her boss immediately, also commenting that he now wants to drink tea. (Basically telling her to leave him alone . .) We see Han Chen drawing what seems to be a portrait of a girl, yet the face remains blank <PLOT TWIST ALERT, I wonder who it is>

 photo 01Mem 2.jpgDoesn’t he look pretty good in this drama? I don’t really adore him all that much, but he does seem a lot better in Memory Lost~

Back to the party, Jin Xi rushes in just in time to stop the exchange of “something we don’t know” between the two gangs. She fights them, very bravely, might I add. It was really cool and interesting see the female do all the fighting and being the hero and all, but the camera was moving way to much, so you couldn’t really see the details . . .

Jin Xi knocks most of the “bad guys” to the ground, but one manages to get up and run with away with the money. Acting fast, Jin Xi talks to her “ring”, which commutes with her police buddies that are on the lookout for any sudden movement. On her cue, they all run in, arresting all those who are now rolling around on the ground in pain. Jin Xi, chases the runaway, who ends up running into the hotel.

 photo 01Mem 5.jpgThe waiter who was serving Han Chen had left the door open, and the runaway just happens to be running down that corridor with JIn Xi hot on his heels. He sees the door that has been left ajar and make a run for it, quietly sneaking in, and closing the lights to avoid being found. Little did he know that Han Chen was right behind him, and the two break out into a fight. Jin Xi runs into the corridor a little too late, and now not knowing where to go. It’s when she hears the commotion in Han Chen’s room, does she finally realize where the “runaway” and the money are.

 photo 01Mem 6.jpgJin Xi’s first instinct is to think that Han Chen and the runaway are plotting together and that Han Chen is helping the thief escape. She barges in and heads straight for a confused Han Chen. The two fight (getting quite close to each other), completing ignoring the actual bad guy. He notices that the two are quite “occupied” and so he takes this as a chance and makes his escape (leaving the money though).

 photo 01Mem 7.jpgFinally after a few minutes of grab at each other and make them feel pain . . . Han Chen successfully traps Jin Xi within the blankets, and dislocate her shoulder/arm. He gets up unperplexed, as if nothing had just happened, takes the briefcase full of money and leaves the hotel room. (The ring that she’s wearing acts as a camera, so her sidekick Zhou Xiao Zhuan had just witnessed everything).

 photo 01Mem 8.jpg photo 01Mem 9.jpgJin Xi runs out of the room, after untangling herself, and orders Xiao Zhuan to find the “man”, and capture the runaway, who escaped. She limps out of the room, her arm in extreme pain.

In a dark alley, we see Han Chen walking, briefcase in hand. All of a sudden, the gang shows up, supposedly here to ask for the money back. Han Chen throws the briefcase at the bad guys, but not before giving them a good beating. With all the men down and in agony, Han Chen ties them together, letting them be found by the police.

 photo 01Mem 10.jpgXiao Zhuan runs up to Jin Xi, and apologizes, but not before getting a good beating first. Someone from the police department comes up to Jin Xi and tells her that the gangs have been arrested, having been found beat up in a dark alley. (We all know by who :p)

 photo 01Mem 12.jpg photo 01Mem 11.jpgThat night, we see Jin Xi on the couch, sleeping. The screen soon cuts to a bunch of flashbacks, showing us what seems to be her previous life, before the “accident’. Jin Xi seemed to have lived a pretty good life. It seemed to me as if she was proposed to, and was going to get married. It seems that somewhere in between their relationship, she was taken, and held hostage. It looked like Jin Xi had gone crazy, and they also made her go to a masquerade party, where random guys who were dressed up circled her.

 photo 01Mem 15.jpg photo 01Mem 13.jpg photo 01Mem 14.jpgAnd then we see a male (perhaps the one who proposed to her?), run in and save her, showing the two of them holding hands and running. They both seemed very in love, until a bombing? ruined it. Jin Xi finds herself in a hospital bed, having lost all of her memories. We flash forward to the future to Jin Xi waking up in sweat. In voice over, she tells us:

My name is Bai Jin Xi. I am a female police detective. Five years ago, I lost my memories in a accident. Ever since that day, I work hard everyday, hoping that every night I won’t have these nightmares anymore.

 photo 01Mem 16.jpgThe next day, Jin Xi shows up to work extremely tired and not in a good mood. She sits down at her work desk and tries to ignore the pain from her arm/shoulder. Xiao Zhuan comes up and accidentally hits her injury, and she snaps.

 photo 01Mem 17.jpg photo 01Mem 18.jpgSeeing that the boss (what Xiao Zhuan calls Jin Xi) is in a bad mood, Xiao Zhuan gets on his phone and texts Xu Si Bai, aka Doctor Xu (Li Geng). Doctor Xu who seems to know Jin Xi well, begins to prepare a meal for her. (Ooh, it seems like Doctor Xu might have feelings for Jin Xi).

 photo 01Mem 20.jpg photo 01Mem 21.jpgWhile he is cooking, he receives a video call. It appears to be college students? They all seem to be analyzing a body, and studying what kind of weapons made different marks. Even though he isn’t focused on teaching the class, he seems to be very knowledgeable about this information.

 photo 01Mem 22.jpg photo 01Mem 23.jpgHe seems to be very well known for his cooking, and many female students were all fangirling over what kind of girl could deserve his food.

Doctor Xu arrives at the office, and Jin Xi sits down to eat, but not before touching her injury, which he notices. Doctor Xu offers to help her relieve her pain, and she takes off her jacket. Ooh… Anyways, he starts massaging the area, and to her relief it starts to not hurt anymore. From what I see, Jin Xi seems to just see Doctor Xu as a friend, but he seems to have other ulterior motives.

 photo 01Mem 24.jpg photo 01Mem 26.jpg photo 01Mem 27.jpg photo 01Mem 29.jpgJin Xi happily sits down and starts enjoying the meal Doctor Xu made, the two joking and having a good time. Soon after though, Xiao Zhuan comes running in saying that another case needs to be solved. Jin Xi stands up immediately, says goodbye to Doctor Xu, and is soon in a car heading to the site of the incident.

 photo 01Mem 30.jpg photo 01Mem 31.jpgThe accident occurred in a theatre, having been decorated to look like a scene from several fairy tales combined. A women, lie in the bed, appearing to be asleep. Then all of a sudden she wakes up, and screams.

 photo 01Mem 33.jpgJin Xi and Xiao Zhuan head in, and notice that the culprit didn’t seem to leave any fingerprints behind. Xiao Zhuan also notices a bowl of wonton soup and some smoke tidbits left behind from the night before. They both note that the culprit seemed to have been prepared to spend the night.

 photo 01Mem 34.jpgThey head on over to the hospital and talk with the Ma Xiao Fei (Hai Ling), who was supposedly the victim. She talks about how she had gotten home late at night and immediately went to sleep. Xiao Fei said she felt as if she had woken up in the middle of the night, but thought it was dream. She mentions that she felt a man lay on top of her and she couldn’t push him off. After that she woke up in the theatre.

 photo 01Mem 35.jpg photo 01Mem 36.jpg photo 01Mem 37.jpgMa Xiao Fei continues to talk about this “dream” she had, mentioning how great it was, and how rude it was for the man kidnapping her to ruin this dream. Jin Xi, thinking for a while, asks her to explain her dream. Xiao Fei starts by saying that while sleeping, she heard a soft lullaby, music and it appears to be coming out of her closet. She slowly stands up and opens her closet, to which she sees a underwater paradise. After heading down a long flight of stairs, Xiao Fei sees a bright glow coming from this arch and heads in. Immediately, she transforms into a princess, one whom as a kid, she had always dreamt of being. A “prince” comes up in a car and whisks her away to his palace.

 photo 01Mem 38.jpg photo 01Mem 39.jpg photo 01Mem 40.jpg photo 01Mem 41.jpgThey dance their heart out, eventually sitting on a bed, talking. The mysterious prince asks the Xiao Fei whether she would be willing to forget everything and subside into this dream to stay with him, handing her an apple in the process. (Doesn’t this remind me of something!) She takes the apple, looks him in the eye and says, “I Agree!” And then she eats the apple.

 photo 01Mem 42.jpg photo 01Mem 43.jpg photo 01Mem 44.jpg photo 01Mem 45.jpgAfter that they the guy like gets on top of her and they kiss for a while. (Maknae here, not gonna go in much detail. Feel free to imagine it yourselves ^_^)

 photo 01Mem 46.jpgWe then cut to a scene of Xiao Zhuan and Jin Xi in the car, discussing what they have just witnessed. JIn Xi asks Xiao Zhuan to drop her off at Doctor Xu’s office. She want’s to take a look at the victim’s body report. Xiao Zhuan also brings up how their police department seems to be getting someone new, who is apparently well known, and very smart!

 photo 01Mem 47.jpgThe camera switches panes, and we see our male lead Han Chen still studying the drawing he’s working on. The face though, still remains blank. He is searching up news articles of women who have been in accidents. He seems extremely burdened, and shakes his head, as if he’s trying to solve a puzzle, but is missing many pieces.

 photo 01Mem 48.jpg photo 01Mem 49.jpgNext we see Jin Xi arriving at Doctor Xu’s office. She asks to see the victim’s body report, which he reads to her, saying she shouldn’t use her shoulder too much. (Aww so sweet). She sits back, very relaxed while he reads the report. From what I interpreted, and from the help of JieJie (tranzgeek), we think this is what the report seemed to be about. We thought that Doctor Xu said something about waist, purple, and the fact that the victim was not overtly violent. It seemed as if she was drugged, since they seemed to have found traces of some sort of substance in her bloodstream. (Feel free to comment below what you think.) Jin Xi seems confused, as if thinking over all the possibilities of what could have happened to the victim. In my opinion, the victim seems to be in shock, and perhaps could have just been seeing hallucinogens. They altered her thoughts, and made her behave the way she did.

 photo 01Mem 50.jpg photo 01Mem 51.jpg photo 01Mem 52.jpgAs the final scene to episode one, we see the victim, Ma Xiao Fei at home alone. She seems anxious and scared, jumping at the slightest sounds. Xiao Fei hugs her pillow, and sit on her couch, her body alert. At that moment, the doorbell rings . She slowly calls out who’s there, but no one replies. Xiao Fei slowly stands up and walks towards the door . . .

 photo 01Mem 53.jpg———–The End———–

Well, that wasn’t bad for a first episode. Again this is my first time recapping, so feel free to comment down below what you want to see, or what I can improve on. ^_^ I am open to suggestions, so don’t hesitate to comment.

CREDITS: I want to thank Dino Gege and Mochi Gege and Lily Jie for supporting me. Thank Kappy Shifu for the AMAZING screenshots, and for letting me take on my first assignment, and answering my endless questions. And Grace Jie Jie for helping me out, giving me pointers, and showing me ways I could make my recap better! I love you guys all, and I am glad your my AVV Family 🙂

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  1. 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

    Wow Maknae, you went so much in depth here. Congrats on your first recap! Interesting start to the series so far. I thought it might be more heavily romance focus, but it seems to be more of detective/crime drama. Interesting.

    To your comment, whether you choose to continue or not is up to you. As long as you enjoy the series. 🙂

    And thank you for your credit on the bottom. 😀

    Keep them coming, regardless of what series you recap, I’ll be following you!

    Oh, I like to comment that a small girl whooping the smack out of a bunch of dudes with shorts on is surely a way to start a series. lol

    Once more, thanks again for the recap Maknae! See you around! And best of wishes!

    • 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

      Thank you Dino Gege! It is an interesting start, I’m looking forward to how this drama will continue on 🙂
      I will be collabing with Grace Jie Jie on Princess Weiyoung, so look forward to that! No problem, you guys really motivate me ^_^
      <3 Maknae

  2. 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

    You guys keep on thanking me, I feel bad. Lol. I enjoy taking screencaps, so don’t worry!

  3. 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

    huaaaa… i want to watch this one so BADLY. yet, there’s no engsub yet. the female lead is looking familiar. is she someone from NIF?

    viki hasnt provided the video yet. hopefully soon. so just reading the recap here is the best option. Thank you guys. ^^

    • 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

      The female lead is played by Yang Rong. I continue recapping it for viewers like you! Hope the eng sub videos come out soon. Thanks for reading my recap 🙂

      AVV Team Maknae

  4. 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

    Hey maknae, great job with your first time recapping!!! ? I was born to help the maknae. Lol. I try! I’m on the same page as Dino gege. If you like it then continue but if not don’t force yourself! Love how cute Yang Rong is in this episode ? and great job again!!!

    • 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

      Thank you! You are a life savior. I literally wouldn’t have been able to finish this if it weren’t for you! <3
      I think I might continue with it! It's not bad of a drama, although I am very excited to collab on Princess Weiyoung with you ^_^! She is cute in this drama, Yang Rong really played the role well. 🙂

  5. 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

    I’m up to episode 12 and am really enjoying it, the current case is interesting and the leads have great chemistry! I’m a sucker for romance, so I definitely prefer Memory Lost to WASFIL, even though I’m loving both dramas.

  6. 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

    Thanks for recapping this, because I’m curious about the show, but don’t know if I should start watching.

    One thing: don’t worry about incorporating your opinion into the recap – it’s what makes it fun and interesting to read. It’s insightful to get the recapper’s thoughts along with the story. You’re doing a great job!

  7. 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

    wow thank you! still waiting for this to be subbed and this just made me happy ^^

  8. 16 thoughts on “Memory Lost Episode 1 Recap

    wow thank you! still waiting for this to be subbed and this just made me happy ^^

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