Zhang Nan and Sun Yi Han as dual female leads in Couple of Mirrors

Couple of Mirrors (双镜) follows the lives of our colorful dual female leads in Zhang Nan and Sun Yi Han. Not much to say about the synopsis cause I think one line is enough to grab your attention: The unlikely friendship emerges between a famous author with a cheating husband and a cold-blooded assassin posing as a photographer and how they stand by each other side facing the incoming storms.

Airing 8/12~

It’s about time us ladies have interesting characters/backgrounds!

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Wang Yi Bo and Zhang Yi Jie gain superpowers in My Strange Friend

That’s the thing about getting popular. Your dramas get to to see the small screen! Wang Yi Bo’s webdrama My Strange Friend (我的奇怪朋友) wrapped up filming two years ago and was just sitting pretty in the shelf. It follows a group of young adults who are given super powers and how they use their powers to help other people. English-subbed trailer after the jump.

Airing 8/19!

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Filming begins: Drama Qi Yue and An Sheng, The Legend of Chu Liu Xiang, Growing Pain, The Mask, Don’t Touch the Tenderness In My Heart

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, been sick like a dog! 🐶

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Zhu Xu Dan, Xiong Zi Qi lead webdrama Painting Heart Expert

Hua Xin Shi or Painting Heart Expert/Teacher (working title) (画心师) is an upcoming webdrama produced by Sohu with the villain Zhu Xu Dan from Ten Miles of Peach Blossom and SpeXial’s Xiong Zi Qi (My Mr. Mermaid) as leads. I’m gonna attempt to translate the synopsis but it’s way over my head in terms of understanding. So there are these two opposing academies, one collects good, pure feelings/sentiments, while the other one feeds on people’s impure thoughts. Sounds like the good old days of good versus evil, and justice will prevail in the end.

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