Xu Kai’s Dance of the Sky Empire with Wu Jia Yi announces broadcast date

If only they had announced it earlier, I could have combined both Wu Jia Yi’s dramas in one post! Dance of the Sky Empire (天舞纪) is adapted from the novel written by Bu Fei Yan, Xu Kai plays a half-demon half human who begins his story by getting admitted into a famous academy by his wits and confidence, befuddling everyone because he lacks everything they want in a student. Lol. But there he accidentally releases the King of Demons and now must fight his best to save the human race while being entangled with two lovely ladies, one is a spy from the demon tribe, and the other a beautiful human girl.

Also airing tomorrow 7/8!

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First Impression: What do you think of Yang Yang’s The King’s Avatar?

I’m liking this trend, no big promotions….”We are airing!” Lol. Instead of laboring for weeks waiting for the airdate just to have it pulled last minute right? xD

If you missed Yang Yang, here he is! Airing today 7/24!

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First Trailer for Yang Yang’s The King’s Avatar drama adaptation

First peek at Yang Yang’s upcoming novel-to-drama adaptation of the popular work The King’s Avatar (全职高手) written by Butterfly Blue is out! Looks very similar in style to Just One Smile is Very Alluring, with the boys strutting together in unified arrogance. Lol. From the smiles, the whole experience is pretty unique in the modern filming realm.

What do you guys think?

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Maggie Jiang Shu Ying, Li Yu Jie​​​​, Lai Yi, and more join The King’s Avatar drama version

Confirmations are in and we have the first batch of character posters of the main cast members ~

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Zhang Ming En and Xu Lu headline fantasy modern drama The Life Planner

Aww! Yay! I’m so happy for Zhang Ming En (The Mystic Nine, Tientsin Mystic) landing a leading role! It’s a webdrama produced by Qiyi and his leading lady is no one other than Xu Lu (Tribes and Empires)! Not a lot is known about the plot but we do know Xu Lu plays a well-known producer, an independent woman who is also a workaholic. She will begin a romance with a man who writes the Life planner book for people. However, to pay a debt of gratitude, he goes against heaven’s wishes and changes events in the book. Unsure if it’s for one person or for many people. We shall see!

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Zhu Xu Dan, Xiong Zi Qi lead webdrama Painting Heart Expert

Hua Xin Shi or Painting Heart Expert/Teacher (working title) (画心师) is an upcoming webdrama produced by Sohu with the villain Zhu Xu Dan from Ten Miles of Peach Blossom and SpeXial’s Xiong Zi Qi (My Mr. Mermaid) as leads. I’m gonna attempt to translate the synopsis but it’s way over my head in terms of understanding. So there are these two opposing academies, one collects good, pure feelings/sentiments, while the other one feeds on people’s impure thoughts. Sounds like the good old days of good versus evil, and justice will prevail in the end.

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