Wakin Chau sings recent drama themesongs: Eternal Love, ​Prince of Lan Ling, Nirvana in Fire

On live music show, The Next Big Thing, veteran singer Wakin Chau busts out his unique vocals to sing some of the latest drama themesongs. I LOVED IT. He also sings an old tvb themesong as well. My heart was bursting! I can’t imagine sitting there and hearing it live…. whooo ~

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Cdrama: Princess of Lan Ling Episodes

I decided to revive this old post (when we were fooled into thinking it would air 2 years ago.) The comments section is hilarious and I want to share it with you guys once again. =D I saw a lot of familiar names and shed a tear knowing that some of you guys are still hanging around this ship. Thank-you. ❤

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King of Lan Ling unveils gorgeous ending theme by Della Ding

Girlfriend, you’ve got the best stylist in this world.

YESH! This is exactly the right ingredient to fuel my lackluster love for the theme song. You can’t go wrong with Della’s vocals, who has been turning heads since her signature song in Autumn’s Concerto. According to youtuber, the song is called “Palm” and the moment I hear those stunning instruments, I’m hooked. Plus, the sad lingering tone throughout the mv kinda gets me all excited for the angst (so soon, is that a good thing?) I’m telling you, the soundtrack of a series speak volumes because it creates the mood within each scene. A+ for the ending theme here! Am I the only one suddenly excited? You guys make me feel miserable!

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Feng Shao Feng’s King of Lan Ling reveals themevideo and airing date

 photo 018eb315-498c-414e-80c3-a8e80f5483a0.jpg

Time to check in with the most beautiful general ever (heh), General Lan Ling, portrayed by Feng Shao Feng. Playing his rival is ever the charmer, Daniel Chan. And caught in between their fierce arrows of passionate love is no other than Ariel Lin herself. Would you call her unlucky? No. Not really.

Check out the beautiful new stills below. Hey, it’s Friday! 🙂

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