Kevin Cheng, Tang Yi Xin in Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi

Yay! Another hand-to-hand combat drama! (I still need to finish A Fist Within Four Walls. Lol.) A great mix of actors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. Handsome HK actor, Kevin Cheng, becomes a Tai Chi master in the upcoming period series, Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi (太極宗師之太極門). He is paired up with young Chinese actress, Tina Tang Yi Xin (The Legend of Chusen), and she’s looking pretty cute in all the stills. There is a short trailer and a whopping 38-minute trailer released so far. But, do watch the BTS clip that I uploaded. All these fancy action scenes are hilarious in practice.  Hee!


Our male, Kevin Cheng.

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Tina Tang Yi Xin.

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Ying Hao Ming. Ba Ye! Lol. Funny how he was a scardy cat in Mystic Nine but a fighter in other dramas.

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Crystal Yuan Bing Yan! Er Ye’s wifey! She’s Ba Ye’s little sister in here.

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Lin Yo Wei.

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Michelle Bai Bing.

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Another pair!

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Other Characters.

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Chusen’s Sect Leader! He Zhong Hua! Lol.

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Howie Huang.

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Maggie Siu.

 photo Tai 26.jpg

Zou Ting Wei.

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  • It cracks me up that he begins the drama as a good-for-nothing rich boy that needs constant saving. Add dimension to his eventual turn into a Tai Chi master. He’s pretending to read Romeo and Juliet to learn English. ROFL.
  • Tina shines so much. Very bubbly and convincing as a girl who harbors big dream of becoming a hero in jianghu. Looks like our hero is enamored with her in the first meeting but his dad (Howie Huang) orders her uncle’s executed (I don’t think he dies..?). And Kevin puts up a big show/plan to help her get revenge…. only for her mother (Maggie Siu) to recognize his dad and he calls her “Sister-in-law.” The fathers were friends and swore an oath to become brothers.
  • Mother and daughter move into their house with Tina simmering about her uncle’s death. Kevin shoots at the scrolls and the words are “I’m sorry!” She beats the crap out of him and he begins to learn to fight, hoping to beat her. Uh Oh. Lin Yo Wei’s character also likes our female lead. Tina’s mother says they were betrothed a long time ago. Yo Wei is also Kevin’s brother? Nope. Turns out Kevin’s dad saved his family so Yo Wei’s father raised Kevin as his own son to return the favor. Holy. So messed up! No wonder why Yo Wei’s bitter – his house, his family, his dad, and now his love are all stolen (unintentionally) by Kevin.
  • Ah, turns out Kevin’s parents also gave him a treasure map. Bad people crash Kevin’s wedding and it’s the deadliest wedding yet. GAHHH. WHY!! Okay I need to stop watching this darn long trailer. Too many spoilers will ruin the whole drama for me. You guys can watch.

Directed by Hou Shu Pui (The Legend of Fragrance) and written by Chen Ming, Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi has 40 episodes with rumored air date in either November or early next year.

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng, Tang Yi Xin in Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi

    Ooh…Tina Tang and Kevin Cheng, can’t miss this one! BTS is very funny, haha!

  2. 6 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng, Tang Yi Xin in Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi

    Tina is bubbly onscreen. So many rising actresses getting lead roles. Kevin isn’t very convincing as a fighter. His Ip Man was a flop right?

    • 6 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng, Tang Yi Xin in Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi

      Hmmm, I’m not sure, I didn’t follow it. Lol.

  3. 6 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng, Tang Yi Xin in Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi

    Looks REALLY good actually. Second male lead is really hot too! I’m actually liking all the good characters, even the second male lead despite his sketchy behaviors. None of the love triangles are messy and bitchy…all very magnanimously handled. There’s romance, but it’s also so much more than romance.

    Although really, I feel like I just watched the whole drama. Should I even watch the actual episodes?
    Ba Ye’s actor (Ying Hao Ming?) is actually really good! He was incredibly adorable as Ba Ye, but here he’s very realistically a different person. Like, I don’t even see him as Ba Ye; he actually “transforms” into a totally different and believable person. Love it.

    • 6 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng, Tang Yi Xin in Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi

      Lol! Juli! Hence I advised you guys not to watch the long trailer. Cdramas have no control. I’m like why would you reveal everything?!! *shakes head*

      Ying Hao Ming is a good actor. 😀

  4. 6 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng, Tang Yi Xin in Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi

    Kevin Cheng in the bts is so cute and hilarious! “Ok-la”.

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