New Promos: Princess Wei Young and Pretty Li Hui Zhen

I know we’re busy with crime-solving dramas at the moment but one highly anticipated palace drama scheduled to be out in 2 weeks is Tang Yan‘s hopeful villainous transformation in Princess Wei Young (锦绣未央), in which she spars against her bubbly two-faced sisters and breaks the hearts of some men on her way to the top. Will she right the wrongs that past villains failed to do? (Kap: She better or else…Lol.)

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First Official Stills of China’s She Was Pretty with Dilraba and Peter Sheng

The Chinese Remake of Korean drama She Was Pretty is now officially called Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍). Aww, I really appreciate the new title because it doesn’t encapsulate her beauty in one phase like the Kdrama did with She WAS Pretty. She was and still is very pretty. I’m not sure they even try but we have to go with their structure of beauty. Dilraba Dilmurat plays our heroine Li Hui Zhen, who had it all when she was younger (beauty and brains), only to grow up to be an average beauty (cue *roll eyes*). When an old friend (Peter Sheng Yi Lun) returns with his good looks, she’s made to feel humbled, asking her best friend to meet him instead. And thus begins a journey of self-discovery. At least, that’s what I hope!

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Posters and Teaser for Chinese Remake of She Was Pretty with Dilraba Dilmurat and Sheng Yi Lun

This production is funny. Filming hasn’t even started but we keep seeing posters and posters, and now even a quick teaser. She Was Pretty (漂亮的她) is a popular 2015 Korean series, now being remade with Dilraba Dilmurat and Peter Sheng Yi Lun as our OTP. Their looks get a switcheroo after they mature and become full-grown adults. She’s no longer the swan in people’s eyes, and he’s no longer the nerdy kid on the block. With a head full of frizzy curls, she’s deemed as unattractive by…..

by… *looks at Dilraba, then coughs*


No answer to that really. Just agree to whatever setup they give us.

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Trailers Galore: Upcoming Cdramas, Movies, Shows 2016 (3)

So sad, two of my youtube accounts each has two strikes now, thanks to the webdramas and HNTV for being evil. T___T I don’t want to risk losing the beautiful music videos I’ve uploaded so no more videos from those two accounts. I will now piggyback ride on others, only uploading the ones I really like.

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Jia Nai Liang torn between Ruby Lin and Xu Lu in Magical Space Time

The synopsis for this drama seems to change every time a new article comes out. Lol. Magical Space Time (奇妙的时光之旅) is the next Hunan drama scheduled to air in late April with the ageless beauty Ruby Lin, Jia Nai Liang, rising starlet Xu Lu, and Korean idol, Kim Sung Joo. The story follows our male lead Han Ruo Fei when he discovers a camera that allows him to travel back in time to the same exact moment ten years ago with each flash. However, each time the magical space time only lasts 10 minutes. There in the past, he resolves misunderstandings with an assistant manager (Xu Lu) and also develops feelings for her. He also finds out that the conflicts he had with his ex deceased wife (Ruby) was formed with many misconceptions. She wasn’t selfish and heartless as he called her. Wracked with guilt, he decides to bring her back to life. Stuck between the past and the future, what will our hero do? [Translated by moi.]

An interesting plot. Though I don’t really know how you can fall in love with a limited time frame each time…

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