Liu Dong Qin’s Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 2 to also join June broadcast…

Dr. Qin Medical Examiner Season 2 is also joining the crazy June broadcasting month with Eric Liu Dong Qin, Liu Chang, and Yu Sha Sha. You know it’s summer time, so students released from school will binge-watch and help with ratings. Lol.

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 photo qin2 13_1.jpg

 photo qin2 14_1.jpg

 photo qin2 15.jpg

 photo qin2 10.jpg

 photo qin2 1_1.jpg

They are cute at the press conference.

 photo qin2 2_1.jpg

 photo qin2 5.jpg

 photo qin2 3.jpg

Love triangle right in this photo. XD

 photo qin2 7.jpg

 photo qin2 8.jpg

 photo qin2 9.jpg

 photo qin2 12.jpg

 photo qin2 11.jpg

 photo qin2 6.jpg

New Trailer:

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