Ice Fantasy handsome supporting male cast gains attention as F4

It’s nice whenever supporting cast members get a chance to shine in the spotlight. I hope it’s the ladies next time too since Ice Fantasy doesn’t lack beauty in every inch of the screen. No, I haven’t been following but I did peep at screencaps and gifs on tumblrs from time to time. Lol. It looks like the story did get better after the initial five episodes. Who’s watching, let me know!

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Jay Chou and Cindy Yen sing for Ice Fantasy soundtrack

Opening and Ending themesongs are revealed for upcoming fantasy drama, Ice Fantasy, starring Feng Shao Feng, Ma Tian Yu, and Victoria Song! Jay Chou is a busy man lately isn’t he?

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My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

Janice might be my new favorite thing. Oh, who am I kidding, she has stolen most of our hearts in My Sunshine. But in here, she’s allowed to shine as the main lead and she does take up center stage without hesitation. And I love the ongoing metas throughout the episode, describing her character as second-lead material when she’s the lead of her own series. Ha! If everyone sees their life story as such, maybe we would have less heartbreaks in this world.

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Janice Wu Qian in My Wonderful Boyfriend with Kim Tae Hwan

I don’t know who named this show, but that person is dead wrong. It should’ve been called My Adorable Girlfriend instead because just look at Janice Wu Qian! She’s the answer to every cold and heartless rich male species! In any case, this modern drama is touted to be China’s answer to the popular Korean series with Kim Hubby, My Love from the Star. My Wonderful Boyfriend (我的奇妙男友) stars Janice as the rising starlet and Korean actor Kim Tae Hwan as the emotionless mutant undead from centuries before. Watch out, flower boys, she’s out to get ya’ll. I’m not familiar with this actor but he’s seriously channeling Zhang Han’s vibes!

The long trailer was released two days ago and I uploaded it at the end of the post. Janice slays, is all. =D

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More costumes revealed for Feng Shao Feng’s Ice Fantasy

I knew the production team would take their time in releasing stills so I waited…and waited…and finally, a good amount of photos to post! They haven’t revealed the costumes for our leading lady, Victoria Song, yet, so fanboys would have to wait a while longer. I really like that they kept the white/silver hair aspect of the characters. For those who didn’t read the previous posts, Ice Fantasy is the drama adaptation of Guo Jing Ming‘s fantasy novel, following the epic battles for the throne and the love-hate relationship between two brothers (Feng Shao Feng and Ma Tian Yu). One who wants nothing but freedom and the other one wants nothing but grants him that wish; however, he goes about it all the wrong ways.

*note: more pictures to be added as they come out

*note #2: since a few skipped Dan Hennah’s poster below (lol), I will emphasize that he’s invited to join the art team, hence the strong similarities to his other work: The Hobbit.

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