Yumama’s Ban Shu Legend secures air date in October 2015

What a bubbly trailer for a palace drama. I am surprised at the cheery tone and feisty female lead. Ban Shu Legend supposedly follows Zhao Li Ying’s Female Prime Minister niece, detailing the abandonment of Ban Shu to her long travel to the forbidden palace. With a strong desire to be accepted by her royal family, she struggles and proves her ability by becoming the first female royal instructor.

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Jing Tian’s Ban Shu Legend releases english-subbed trailer

Ban Shu Legend is said to be the sequel to Zhao Li Ying’s Female Prime Minister since the main character played by Jing Tian is supposedly her niece who was separated from her parents as a child and grew up in the grasslands. To be accepted by her noble family, she enters the Palace, hoping to prove her ability and become an instructor at the Royal Female Academy. I can see the potential in Jing Tian, but her OTP man Zhang Zhe Han needs to rise up to the challenge if he wants to shine next to her blazing self. Lol. Real life couple, Li Sheng and Li Jia Hang, are not playing lovers. Awww.

The good thing is it’s English-subtitled! Yu Zheng trying to get on the good side of international fans?

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