Zheng Shuang pairs up w/ Ma Tian Yu in Beauty Private Kitchen

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A drama about cooking! And a fresh pair to boot. Zheng Shuang finally separated her projects from that of boyfriend Zhang Han. Good for her! After going blond for his new single, Ma Tian Yu lands himself a leading role.

The two actors have collaborated before in Legend of the Ancient Sword with Yang Mi. Picture below.

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The various costumes for Zheng Shuang throughout the drama. Nice designs and beautiful hairstyles. She plays Song Yu Die, a talented chef in Hangzhou, who later opens one of the most successful restaurant in Jiang Nan. Scanning through the pictures, I don’t understand why she wanted to go under the knife at such a young age. She looked bubbly and bright before. Now, she looks serious. Still, I have to admit she’s ballsy for admitting the truth to everyone. Not many actresses could do the same. Respectttt!

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Ma Tian Yu as General Li Ma.

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Directed by Liang Xin Qua (Qing Shi Huang Fei), Beauty Private Kitchen (美人私房菜) is set to be 40 episodes. Filming started last week and should wrapped up in 80 days (WHOA). Other confirmed cast members include Steven Jiang and Kingdom Yuen.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang pairs up w/ Ma Tian Yu in Beauty Private Kitchen

    matianyu looks like a kpop star with that blond. is it me but he really resembles the tomboy girl in F(x)?

    zheng shuang’s reason for the PS is weird. 1) she wants to look different (tired of her old looks) 2) she’s afraid of looking old (WHAT????????????? she just made herself look old and haggard by undergoing the knife!) weird weird logic this young generation has.

    her ps scandal is like a slap to her boyfriend’s sincere words, “if ZS needs PS, then the world has no more beauties…” *SLAPS* lol. can’t imagine his face. hahaha 😛

  2. 3 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang pairs up w/ Ma Tian Yu in Beauty Private Kitchen

    I like her costumes in this drama. I’m still a little upset that she got plastic surgery considering she looked so good before but too late now.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang pairs up w/ Ma Tian Yu in Beauty Private Kitchen

    she has nice costumes in this series! and ma tian yu does look like amber. LOL

    why she went under the knife – i will never understand why a beauty like would do such a thing. she looks like a villain afterwards. 😛

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