NewsFlash: Premiere dates of Cdramas in 2015

Since I made a post for Cdramas airing in July 2014, it seems like folks like the idea of having a similar platform to keep track of their dramas and plan vacation days accordingly ( πŸ˜› ) so here it is, dramas airing in early 2015/end of December, which are many and still subjected to schedule changes. But still, geezus!


Drama Name: Singing All Along (What kind of title is this? Are they gonna bust out musical numbers now?)
Cast: Ruby Lin, Yuan Hong, Kenny Kwan, Mao Zi Jun, Li Jia Hang
Episode Count: 52
Airing Date: TBA
Project Potential: High. Reason? You see the pretty boys on the list? Lol. Shallowness aside. Ruby always have beautiful period dramas and Yuan Hong angsting real hard is a feast to thy eyes! Ruby hinted a broadcast date at the end of December Tentatively in March…

Drama Name: Duke of Mount Deer 2014
Cast: Han Dong, Viann Zhang, Zhang Meng, Shawn Wei
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: 12.20.14
Project Potential: Very low… The hyper animated trailer urges me to run the other way!

Drama Name: The Empress of China
Cast: Fan Bing Bing, Janine Chang, Viann Zhang
Episode Count: 80?!!!
Airing Date: 12.19.14 [Mandarin] and in January by T.V.B.
Project Potential: FBB is gorgeous and most of the money is spent making her 200+ costumes but…..Nonononononono. Lol.

Drama Name: Bonus Fireworks (Google Translated)
Cast: Liu Tao, Zhang Jia Yi. Yuan Nie
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 11.25.14 & 12.22.14
Project Potential: Errr… Umm…. 35-minuter trailer here.

Drama Name: The Great Protector
Cast: Wallace Huo, Jia Qing, Li Jian
Episode Count: 38
Airing Date: 12.25.14
Project Potential: The drama centers around escorting agencies and Wallace is both skilled and principled in his business. Interesting theme which hasn’t been focused on in recent years. On the fence with this one until you guys say otherwise. Watch Trailer here.

Drama Name: Singles Villa
Cast: Joe Cheng, Jiro Wang, Viann Zhang, Xu Lu
Episode Count: TBA
Airing Date: 1.4.15
Project Potential: Not particularly a follower of the cast. New Trailer released today. 12.12.14.

Drama Name: Dong Jiang Hero Liu Hei Zai
Cast: Jia Qing, Wang Lei, Sherman Ye
Episode Count: 41
Airing Date: 1.4.15
Project Potential: Not much. Our hero (Wang Lei) leads a group of brave soldiers against the Japanese troops at Guang Dong. Trailer here.

Drama Name: Detectives and Doctors
Cast: Raymond Lam, Zhang Meng
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: 1.10.15
Project Potential: Not so great but it is the FIRST 3D Wuxia drama. I wonder how that is gonna work out? There are many adaptations from the past, all surrounding the adventures of Lu Xiao Feng.

Drama Name: Energy of Youth: I’m the Goddess
Cast: Vianna Zhang, Li Jia Hang, Michael Miu
Episode Count: 30
Airing Date: 1.10.15
Project Potential: OMG. Vianna’s 5th drama airing at the same time… Hopefully, she can get married this time. Lol. Watch here.

Drama Name: You’re My Sunshine (Silent Separation)
Cast: Wallace Chung, Tang Yan, Yang Le
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 1.14.15 1.10.15 (Feels like the date is gonna jump around to tease fans. Terrible!)
Project Potential: High. For Yui, Caroline, and doubters like myself. Please be good! =)

Drama Name: Gold Hair Pins in the Palace (The Female Assassins in the Palace)
Cast: Ady An, Steven Jiang
Episode Count: 48
Airing Date: 1.11.15
Project Potential: So-so….

Drama Name: Say No For Youth
Cast: Li Jia Hang, Yawen Zhu, Andy Yang, Wan Qian
Episode Count: 31
Airing Date: 1.11.15
Project Potential: BEEEEEEP! Focus on kids born in the 90s and their journey of rebellions and eventual maturity through navy training camp.

Drama Name: Moment in Peking
Cast: Li Sheng, Nathan Lee, Gao Zi Qi
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 1.25.15
Project Potential: Not really.

Drama Name: Lady and the Liar
Cast: Hawick Lau, Tang Yan, Tony Yang, Yang Rong
Episode Count: 46
Airing Date: 1.27.15
Project Potential: HIGH for second lead couple!

Drama Name: Laughters in Medical Center (Google translated!)
Cast: Michael Chen, Eric Wang, Zhang Zi Xuan, Jiang Yan
Episode Count: 37
Airing Date: 1.28.15
Project Potential: Michael, Eric, and Jiang Yan previously collaborated in Love is Back. A cdrama about doctors in the ancient period. Could be interesting if it pokes fun at the idea altogether. Trailer here.

Drama Name: My Amazing Bride
Cast: Li Qin, Jin Shi Jia
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 1.30.15
Project Potential: ….

Drama Name: – The Legend of Fragrance
Cast: Li Yi Feng, Tang Yan, Shu Chang, William Chan
Episode Count: 44
Airing Date: 2.4.15
Project Potential: EEEEE!! My favorite young generation of actors and actresses!

Drama Name: Love Through A Millenium
Cast: Zheng Shuang, Boran Jing, Chen Xiang, After School’s Nana
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 02.15.15
Project Potential: Will see…

Drama Name: Creation of The Gods 2
Cast: Sammul Chan, Li Yi Xiao
Episode Count: 60
Airing Date: 2.19.15
Project Potential: Sayonara deities!

Drama Name: Fall In Love With You Again
Cast: Yuan Hong, Choi Si Won, Wang Luo Dan
Episode Count: 34
Airing Date: 2.22.15
Project Potential: Depends!

Drama Name: Ordinary World
Cast: Yuan Hong, Tong Li Ya, Coco Lv, Wang Lei
Episode Count: 58
Airing Date: 2.26.15
Project Potential: Depends on the word of mouth.

Drama Name: Lady’s House
Cast: Han Xue, Ma Tian Yu, Mao Xiao Tong, Chen Xiang
Episode Count: 30
Airing Date: 2.27

Drama Name: To Advance Toward the Happiness
Cast: Nicky Wu, Cica Zhou, Queena Tang,
Airing Date: ~March
Project Potential:….

Drama Name: The Four 2013
Cast: Zhang Han, Yang Yang, William Chan, Gui Gui, Janine Chang, Mao Zi Jun
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: After Condor Heroes 2014 (~3.17.) Someone calculate this!

Drama Name: Cruel Romance
Cast: Huang Xiao Ming, Joe Chen Qiao En, Kimi Qiao
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 2.28.15 – 3/1/15 3/3/15 after Legend of Fragrance
Project Potential: OFF THE CHARTS. Lol.

Drama Name: If Love Can be Repeated
Cast: James Wen, Shirley Dai, Lee Jung Jin, Chae Yeon
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 3.13.15
Project Potential: Nah….nah…..

Drama Name: City of Angels
Cast: Ma Su, Yuan Shan Shan, Jerry Lee, Yuan Hong
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 3.28.15
Project Potential: SO BUSY THIS PERIOD.

Drama Name: The Wife’s Lifes
Cast: Jia Qing, Wang Zi, Xu Lu, Zhang Xiao Long
Episode Count: 52
Airing Date: 3.29.15
Project Potential: Nada!

Drama Name: Tiger Mom
Cast: Zhao Wei, Tong Da Wei
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: 5.3.15
Project Potential: To celebrate Miss Wei’s return to the small screen. YEP.

Drama Name: The Ladder of Love
Cast: Zhang Rui, Zhang Meng,
Episode Count: 75
Airing Date: 5.6.15
Project Potential: 75 episodes…

Drama Name: Love & Life & Lie
Cast: Chen Xiao, Zhou Dong Yu
Episode Count: 38
Airing Date: 05.07.15
Project Potential: 100%! I love these two. heh!

Drama Name: Tea Love
Cast: Zhu Zi Xiao, Zhilin Pan
Episode Count: 82
Airing Date: 05.22.15

Drama Name: The Cage of Love
Cast: Zheng Shuang, Hawick Lau
Episode Count: 35
Airing Date: 5.26.15
Project Potential: Not really…

Drama Name: Master of Destiny
Cast: Hawick Lau, Tang Yan…
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 5.28.15
Project Potential: ……

Drama Name: The Journey of Flower
Cast: Zhao Li Ying, Wallace Huo
Episode Count: 54
Airing Date: 06.09 2015.
Project Potential: C’mon, it has Zhao Li Ying and her harem! I can’t miss that!

Drama Name: Twice Blooming Flower
Cast: Hawick Lau, Wang Li Kun
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 6.12.15

Drama Name: The Lost Tomb
Cast: Li Yi Feng, Yang Yang, Tang Yan
Episode Count: 12
Airing Date: 06.12.15
Project Potential: Yes! All my cuties in one place. πŸ™‚

Drama Name: You Are My Sister
Cast: Hawick Lau, Lou Yi Xiao,
Episode Count: 42
Airing Date: 6.15.15
Project Potential: …..

Drama Name: Destined to Love You
Cast: Chen Qiao En, Bosco Wong, Jia Nai Liang
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 06.16.15
Project Potential: Of course! The harem!

Drama Name: Daddy, Father, Dad
Cast: Luo Jin, Gallen Lo
Episode Count: 37
Airing Date: 7.03.15

Drama Name: Wuxin: The Monster Killer
Cast: Mike Angelo, Gina Jin, Elvis Han, Zhang Ruo Yun, Sebrina Yao Chen
Episode Count: TBA
Airing Date: 07.06.15

Drama Name: Taekwondo Girl
Cast: Hu Bing Qing, Yang Yang, Chen Xiang
Episode Count: TBA
Airing Date: 06.28.15 7.07.15
Project Potential: YEP YEPP YEPPP.

Drama Name: Hua Xu Yin
Cast: Kevin Cheng, Jiang Xin, Yuan Hong
Episode Count: 54
Airing Date: 07.9.15
Project Potential: Dunno!

Drama Name: Ice and Fire of Youth
Cast: Jia Nai Liang, Ying Er
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 07.9.15

Drama Name: The Interns
Cast: Zhao Li Ying, Ryan Zheng
Episode Count: 36
Airing Date: 07.17.15
Project Potential: Yes. Yes.

Drama Name: Scholar Dream of A Woman
Cast: Han Dong, Zhang Meng, Ma Ji Zun
Episode Count: 47
Airing Date: 7.20.15

Drama Name: Diamond Lovers
Cast: Tang Yan, Rain, Luo Jin
Episode Count: 68
Airing Date: 7.22.15
Project Potential: Unsure

Drama Name: The Four Horseman
Cast: Andy Chen….
Episode Count: 24
Airing Date: 7.29.15

Drama Name: Xiu Cai Encounters Soldiers
Cast: Jerry Li, Li Qian, Ma Su
Episode Count: 42
Airing Date: 8.05.15

Drama Name: Hero Dog
Cast: Kingscar Jin, Bea Hayden
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 08.09.15

Drama Name: My Best Ex-Boyfriend
Cast: Jerry Yan, Ron Ng, Maggie Jiang
Episode Count: 40
Airing Date: 8.15.15

Drama Name: Warriors on Fire
Cast: Wang Lei, Liu Tao, Ye Zu Xin
Episode Count: 46
Airing Date: 8.25.15

Drama Name: Graduation Song
Cast: Li Xiao Ran, David WangFu Xin Bo
Episode Count: 42
Airing Date: 8.26.15

Drama Name: The Disguiser
Cast: Hu Ge, Nick Wang, Jin Dong
Episode Count: 25
Airing Date: 08.27.15

Drama Name: Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015
Cast: Yan Kuan, Zhu Yi Long, Gan Ting Ting
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: ~ 08.2015

Drama Name: Love Yun Ge From the Desert
Cast: Angelababy, Lu Yi, Chen Xiao, Du Chun
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 2.23.15 09.13.15 (subjected to changes)
Project Potential: Oh the pretty….

Drama Name: Royal Romance
Cast: Gavin Gao Yun Xiang, Anita Yuen, Hou Meng Yao,
Episode Count: 77
Airing Date: 09.17.15

Drama Name: Nirvana in Fire
Cast: Hu Ge, Liu Tao
Episode Count: 55
Airing Date: 09.18.15
Project Potential: 55 episodes! Ermmmmm ~~

Drama Name: The Legend of Zu
Cast: Zhao Li Ying, Nicky Wu, William Chan
Episode Count: 50
Airing Date: 9.22.15 on Iqiyi exclusively and then 1.15.16 on Anhui.
Project Potential: YEP.

Drama Name: Because Love Brings Happiness or The Love of Happiness
Cast: William Chan, Tina Tang
Episode Count: 86 episodes…
Airing Date: ~ October.

Drama Name: When He Comes Close Your Eyes
Cast: Wallace Huo, Sandra Ma
Episode Count: TBA
Airing Date: 10.15.15

Drama Name: Good Time
Cast: Hu Ge, Wang Xiao Chen, Elvis Han
Episode Count: 30
Airing Date: 10.16.15

Drama Name: Three Dads
Cast: Jerry Li, Michael Chen
Episode Count: 38
Airing Date: 10.20.15

Drama Name: The Legend of Banshu
Cast: Jing Tian, Fu Xin Bo, Li Sheng
Episode Count: 38
Airing Date: 10.16.15

Drama Name: Yangko Dance
Cast: Yang Zi, Yang Zhi Gang
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 10.30.15

Drama Name: Return of Happiness
Cast: Ron Ng, Li Qin
Episode Count: 48
Airing Date: 11.7.15

Drama Name: The Legend of Qin
Cast: Jiang Jin Fu, Lu Yi, Hu Bing Qing, Michelle Chen
Episode Count:
Airing Date: 11.29.15

Drama Name: The Legend of Mi Yue
Cast: Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin
Episode Count: 90
Airing Date: 11.30.15

Drama Name: The Woman Above the Bread Tree
Cast: Tang Yan, Bosco Wong, Ryan Zheng, Sonia Sui
Episode Count: 38
Airing Date: 12.01.15

Drama Name: Hot Girl
Cast: Ma Ke, Dilraba Dilmurat
Episode Count: 36
Airing Date: 12.8.15

Drama Name: Beautiful Secret
Cast: Peter Ho, Victoria Song, Shawn Wei
Episode Count: 45
Airing Date: 12.21.15

Drama Name:
Episode Count:
Airing Date:
Project Potential:

♦ Upcoming dramas to air (no confirmed dates yet, click on name to read posts):
The Lady in Cubicle (Tang Yan’s dramas)
Ji Xiang Tian Bao
Diamond Lover
Choose the Right Path
New Xiao Shi Yi Lang
The Three Heroes And Five Gallants
Perfume Woman
Go Goal Fighting!
– I know there are more but my brain is blank….

I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Didn’t I ask Santa to release them one at a time? I have been a good girl all year and this is what I get? You think my attention could be divided nine ways? Pshh, People think fangirls are so powerful. HELL YESH THEY ARE.

Post Last Updated: 12/16/15. I spent a lot of time writing this up. DO NOT COPY & PASTE! Please link fans back here. Much thanks!

Which one(s) are you looking forward to the most?


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  1. Woda168

    Nice list! Although, after reading the synopsis and watching the trailer, I think I am only excited for The Empress of China. I really love beautiful and colorful dramas and Fan Bingbing is too pleasant to the eyes to not watch :3
    For the other 7, I think I will just have to wait for them to be fully broadcast so I can read some reviews before deciding to watch them or not. Even though I love most of these actors, none of them brings me to the level of fangirl. v_v

    My pick for the 2015 year (my own must watch list!)
    -Hua Qian Gu
    -Yun Zhong Ge
    -Ji Xiang Tian Bao
    -Lady and the Liar
    -Lady in Cubicle (I like office dramas)
    -The Four 2013

    1. Kappy

      Ah…there we go. Thanks for filling in my blank spaces with Yun Zhong Ge, Ji Xiang Tian Bao, and Lady and the Liar!! Especially that insane hot mess with Zhao Li Ying!! How could I forget it when I promised Nutella we would power-watch that mess, no matter how big it is! Good that you’re on board too, Woda!! =D

      1. Woda168

        Haha. Welcome! With the number of dramas China is producing every year, it is totally understandable :3
        I am pretty much watching anything with either Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying or Yang Rong right now. And they are all workaholic so my fangirling skills are strong!!
        I am actually excited for Ji Xiang Tian Bao because I think ZLY and Zhu Zi Xiao will make a very passionate couple. Really like ZZX from Meteor shower.
        Not a big fan of Kim Kibum’s acting though (I think his face doesn’t fit cdrama at all!).

      2. Nutella

        Omg Kappy you remembered our promise~~ I was just thinking about that drama too, cos I changed up my blog’s theme and used Zhu Zi Xiao’s kissy gif~ Welcome to the power-watch-through-mess group~

        I am soooo not watching Hua Qian Gu… the novel was painful enough.. just no.

        The one I’m looking forward to the most is Lost Tomb, then Empress of China for the pretty… I sorta wanna watch the deities one for nostalgia’s sake (I used to devour those as a kid… I used to make my grandad put an alarm so he could wake me up and switch on the tv for me to watch all the deity-dramas, esp. the canto ones)

        You are my sunshine… maybe I’ll watch that when I finish reading the novel.. well listening would be more accurate, since I normally go for the audiobook for cnovels… But cnovel remakes never end up what I envisioned the novel to be, and ruin the novel for me, so I’ll probably skip that~

        I’ll check out Yun Zhong Ge too, but I’m not really having any hopes for it since (1) I didn’t really like the book all that much, I only liked Da Mo Yao cos of Huo Qu Bing and (2) The only cast member and character I really really like is Angelababy’s heroine (I like Chen Xiao, but not his chara, so meh)

        Poor Joe Cheng keeps on picking the wrong dramas… it he heartbroken now that Ariel’s gone??

      3. Kappy

        AHA! Woda, that’s mine and Nutella’s thinking about ZLY x ZZX too!! One insane couple. And of course, the kissy gif behind-the-scene got us all excited. LOL. So adorable! Let me repost that:

        Nutella, I love deities stories in TVB dramas. Like the Monkey King and Na Ja. =D Deities in Cdramas to tend to jump around so much, rendering me a confused case.

      4. Woda168

        OMG that gif has to be the cutest thing ever in dramaland! 8D Omgggg Especially considering how reserved ZLY is :3 OMG OMG OMG
        As for Hua Qian Gu, even if it has a bad ending, it is too much the kind of drama I enjoy to let it pass. My only worry is if there is going to be any chemistry between the leads.
        I don’t really know if it can be compared as deities drama, but I remember watching Legend and Hero long time before and enjoyed it halfway. (I was really into FSYY). This one however looks like too much CGI. I may check out the first season for fun.

        1. Kappy

          ZZX is really playful, I think he brought out a different side to her, more relaxed almost. She’s so cute he can’t help but want to kiss her. Lol. πŸ˜€

  2. Keane

    LMAO @ “Sayonara deities!

    I’m curious to see FBB playing a 14y.o. in The Empress of China and then You’re My Sunshine. Wait, where’s that soccer one? Can’t wait.

    1. Kappy

      YESH!! That soccer one with the hot model Li Zi Feng…and…. yes, Hu Ge in shorts. πŸ˜›

      Two votes to see Empress. Interesting. Let’s see what comes in second~

      Now that you have a new gig, you could destroy the encodes, Keane. πŸ˜‰

      1. Keane

        I don’t mind encoding Empress when the times comes. WAIT! I need to make sure I can encode, first. LOL! I need practice. Plenty of it. Because you know, I can mess up with the ONE-CLICK process. ROFL~ πŸ˜›

  3. Millie

    I’m definitely excited about “The Great Protector” because it brings something new to the table. Doesn’t hurt that it has Wallace in it and that’s reason enough πŸ˜›

    There are tons of dramas I’m looking forward to but I have no idea about their release dates. Dramas I’m anticipating but are not listed above or in the comments (they probably have release dates far into the future):

    Imperial Doctress
    The Cage of Love
    Princess Jieyou
    Princess of Lanling
    The Five Gallants
    Heading North (Thinking of Lu Xiang Bei)

    1. Kappy

      I feel like Princess of Lan Ling will get shelved indefinitely. Oh my heart………!! πŸ™

      Great list! Those might air in mid 2015 or the summer. As long as they air and give us time to digest, I’m good!

      1. Millie

        Nooooo!!! Say it ain’t so T_T
        Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  4. peach

    I saw somewhere that Cruel Romance is set to air on 19Feb, but I cant rmb where i saw it…

  5. carolies541

    Haha! I see my name beside You’re my Sunshine. I’m anticipating it because I liked the novel. I seldom watch Cdramas as I’m picky when it comes to actors and actresses but I like the cast and the trailers look decent.

  6. Lil

    A while ago, I heard that “You’re My Sunshine” was to be air after “Cruel Romance,” but it seems that “Cruel Romance” has been push back. It would be nice if the TV station would commit to their airing dates, this really confuses us viewers. How do they expect audience to anticipate anything that’ s not for certain.

    Heck, I might just through a tantrum if “You’re My Sunshine” got push back.

  7. vis

    Awesome post! Thanks for making it easier for us to keep track of all the upcoming cdramas! πŸ˜€

    Btw I read somewhere that Cruel Romance is rumored to air around Chinese New Year, i.e. sometime in February. Really hoping it’s true!

  8. Yui

    Silent separation!!! haha..
    and singing all along! Yuan Hong is my reason! LOLs..

    what about Chen Qiao En’s Destined To Love You ?? and cruel romance.. huang xiao ming <3

  9. pooh

    I don’t know why it’s hard for me to find cdrama than kdrama with english sub in web such as dramacool.com etc..I just wanna watch ZLY drama..Ji Xiang Tian Bao, How about the journey of flower & intern? actually first I wanna watched Yun Zhong Ge but I think just like RoCH both CX & ZLY only have 3 minute together scene coz she only supporting role in that drama…Gosh I hate it..so I wanna pass it… LOL..

  10. momo

    Great post.. Keep me updating. Though Cdramas seem not my cup of tea, but I’ll check the popular one with good review. And my other problem, its so hard to find the english subs. I wanna watch Too Late To Say I Love You, but no sub πŸ™

    We should have watched Cruel Romance in nov, but it got delay again. Arggg the way China films schedule changing all the time make me confused o__0 Sometimes it takes forever to air.
    I hope to watch Cruel Romance during CNY would be a great time.

    No news about Destined to Love You air date? Ok they still filming :p

    1. Serenite78

      well…if You still want to watch Too Late to Say I love You… I might have a treat for You:

      Our Gone with the Shirt Team from Cruel Romance ( that is also progressing nicely) has finished subbing first 18 episodes and counting πŸ™‚ It is definately a crazy ride, but very engaging πŸ™‚

      1. Marilina Albarracin

        You are really a great help, dear Kaptain A for those who needs an english sub-titles. Thank you so much. Muchas gracias! Todo lo mejor!

  11. tiffany

    I don’t usually watch cdramas, but like everyone else, I’m anticipating The Empress of China. The episode count is alarming though… don’t think I’ve fully completed a drama that length.

  12. Kappy

    Wow. I’m genuinely surprised by the popularity of Empress! It’s 80 episodes people!! Lol.


  13. Marilina Albarracin

    Hello. Happy Holidays! This is my first time here and I am a newcomer to Chinese movies and drama series. One good Chinese friend here in Canada gifted us a Chinese DVDs with English sub-titles. After seeing The Glamorous Imperial Concubine, my family and I fell very much in love with Ruby Lin, Kevin Yan, Wallace Huo and the other stars in the said series. Now, that first impression will be forever in our hearts. We are now a big fans of Ruby Lin and of course together with some Spanish friends here, we look forward for that Singing All Along to be sub-titled in English. For us. Ruby Lin represents that epitome of Asian beauty and gentleness. We like her pretty well. All the actors paired with her are so good-looking and are doing well in their craft.
    Thank you very much for allowing me to share our thoughts in this site. All the best for 2015!

  14. Kappy

    They are so cute. Boran is definitely more charming in motion. πŸ™‚ Shuang looks happy and healthy!

  15. :)

    Yes !!!!! Finally found a confirmation air-date for
    The drama ” lady and the liar ” !!!!!!!

    Super excited !!!!

    1. Kappy

      I know I’m gonna regret this but YAY as well! Too many dramas, too little time. Literally. XD

  16. Ming

    Hello ! Does anyone know when they are going to air C-drama Remembering Li Chuan ? I really loved the novel and have been waiting simply for AGES for them to air it !!!! Thank you ! πŸ™‚

    1. Kappy

      I hate bringing bad news but this one is up on the shelve with many other dramas too. No air date…

      1. Ming

        Kaptain A thank you for your reply !! πŸ™‚ Wish they would air it already though !!!!

  17. V

    Anyone know about Hua Xu Yin? Shelved indefinitely as well? ; (
    Not that I need more tortured doomed romance I guess….. ; ____ ;

  18. V

    Do you know anything about this drama? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1YBQMHQgGI
    It looks like it started airing recently. I didn’t understand much from the trailer except badass female lead with a pretty weak right hand man (LOL that’s a first), she kills some people and apparently kills her dad too, and she has something of a romeo and juliet romance with the whole “we knew each other when we were little” cliche. xD

    1. Kappy

      I saw the promo a couple of times on Chinese news sites but didn’t make much of it because my shallow side was not enamored. Lol. But from what you said, it sounds like a decent watch. It did air but found in very low quality. O_O my, my…

      1. V

        Well, I only gathered that from the trailer so don’t take my word for it. xD Though the 20+min trailer probably spoiled everything go about the show anyway. xD Ew, that’s unfortunate. Why is it so terrible? o__o

        1. Kappy

          The recording is terrible. Could be from a low-quality streaming site or captured from an unknown broadcaster. There are smaller broadcast stations that air shows in LQ (has happened before with Battle of Changsha, Lady’s House, etc). If lucky, these shows get picked up by an HD channel from a big tv station later on.

  19. newkdramaaddict

    I’m waiting for so many of these and eng subs as well as airing dates! I’ll start Fragrance soon! I like that cast the most. Lady and the Liar is a definite watch! There are so many Cdramas this year that I want to watch! For the first time, I’m watching more of them than KDramas which have been boring me silly!

    1. Kappy

      Yea, the casting of Cdramas have been pretty good perfect lately. Lol. Not sure if I can say the same about their stories. XD

  20. V

    Urgh, it was too terrible for me to even attempt to start watching. Instead I’m watching/skimming 烽火佳人 so I can bathe in more Shu Chang awesomeness and also because Qiao Zhen Yu is hot.

    PS, I think you wrote the wrong year in your “last updated” note ;]

    PS2, Singing All Along is the weirdest title ever. It makes me think of rainbows and meadows, not intense historical drama….

    1. Kappy

      I sincerely hope they change it by the time it airs because even I AM embarrassed of typing out that name!

      LOL. How could I make that mistake. I was only supposed to change the date only! What’s with 14!

  21. Sabrina

    I want to ask you know the news when will be drama Beautiful Secret that Song Qian (Victoria Fx) and Peter Ho play airing?

  22. Julianne

    So many good things for June 2015! The Interns, Hua Qian Gu, Pian Pian Ai Shang Ni (Destined to love you), Taekwondo Girl, Lost Tomb…all awesome! I forget, does anyone know when Legend of Zu Mountain is out?

    1. Kappy

      Legend of Zu is in post-production stage. No news yet of an airing date. Hopefully, by the end of this year!

      1. Julianne

        Oooo! The one with Tang Yi Xin and William Chan is a new one! Excited for that. I also decided not to go for Yun Zhong Ge…not really my cup of tea. Although. I just watched the first two eps of Lang Ya Bang and it’s amazing.

        1. Kappy

          Excited for the 80+ episodes Julianne? Lol. I’m surprised that not a lot of promotions for such a huge drama. I’ll write about it in a bit.

  23. Isabel

    So many awesome shows coming up! And many adapted from 小说! Thanks for the list and constant updates! πŸ˜€

  24. Missy

    Thank you for this comprehensive list! It is so hard to find out about airing dates for Chinese dramas, so this is wonderful πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I am quite excited for Taekwondo Girl, more Yang Yang on my screen is always welcome

  25. misscupcakees

    The never-ending list of C-dramas!! So much to watch, so little time!

  26. ICIM

    can anyone tell me where i can watch that dramas above, i really want to watch it but its so hard to find Cdramas with english sub πŸ™

  27. Julianne

    Wow I knew Hu Ge would have three dramas out this year, but I failed to realize that I’ll be watching all three of them back to back! Hu Ge is so awesome! I feel like his will be the only dramas I like. Like with Tang Yan and ZLY’s and Hawicks back to back dramas, there were ok ones and some horrible ones…but Hu Ge’s, so far two have been amazing…

    He’s having three consecutive dramas airing, all three in different eras and with VASTLY different roles! So talented and diverse you are Hu Ge! Such a great actor! I probably won’t get his character mixed up at al, that’s how good his acting and his choice of dramas are. (sadly, couldn’t say the same about you guys, Tang Yan and Hawick!)

  28. bossu

    Hi, is there still no news about Love and Life and Lie? It did get picked up by a TV station right?

    1. Kappy

      Last I heard it got picked up by Zhejiang Satellite TV but haven’t heard of anything since then. πŸ™

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