Jerry Yan and Ron Ng compete for the title My Best Ex Boyfriend

Ghost Kappy reporting to duty!

Interesting. With a title like that, it’s no surprises that our female characters cannot move on with their lives! Everybody is everybody’s exes. Modern drama My Best Ex Boyfriend features Jerry Yan (Loving Never Forgetting) and Maggie Jiang (Go Goal Fighting!) as the main ex-couple, while Ron Ng (Return of Happiness) and Viola Mi (My Sunshine, The Empress of China) as the second ex-couple.


Synopsis: Because of his father’s persistent refusal, our OTP fails to resolve their personality differences, leading to their disappointing break-up despite a romantic and memorable run. Li Tang (Jerry Yan) turns away from his father to build up his own company. Years later when Bo Fang Si (Maggie Giang) struggles to find work, she’s hired into his company. Yin Hao Ran (Ron Ng)’s ex-girlfriend (Viola Mi) is a supermodel with a mother thirsty for fame and money, thus she pushes her daughter to marry into a rich family. However, she still has feelings for Hao Ran and feels pins of jealousy when he’s seen around Fang Si.

It’s funny that this hairstyle has become Jerry’s signature HAIR of this century. šŸ˜›

 photo Ex 4.jpg

Maggie Jiang as a fashion designer.

 photo Ex 8.jpg

 photo Ex 5.jpg

 photo Ex 2.jpg

 photo Ex 1.jpg

Ron Ng in all shades of red. šŸ™‚

 photo Ex 6.jpg

 photo Ex 3.jpg

Viola Mi.

 photo Ex 7.jpg

Directed by Jeffrey Chiang (Love is Back, The Lady in Cubicle, China’s My Sassy Girl), filming started in March and is still in progress.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Jerry Yan and Ron Ng compete for the title My Best Ex Boyfriend

    jerry was my teenager crush when i watched meteor garden. now im not a teenager anymore.. but why his hair is still the sameeee?????? agree with you ghost Kap šŸ˜› it’s been decade and he hasnt changed much.. lols

    ron ng.. i watched some of his HK-dramas, is this his first mainland drama?

    • 2 thoughts on “Jerry Yan and Ron Ng compete for the title My Best Ex Boyfriend

      It’s so funny when his hair is unchanged a decade later. XD

      Ron is starring in a few Cdramas… one with Tang Yan too. Looks like a good career move after his departure from TVB. More work, more ching ching!

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