Jam Hsiao sings for Lady and the Liar’s opening themevideo

Tang Yan has one more drama with Hawick Lau (who knows, there could be more) and I hope that is the last one because it’s… WEIRD. She’s best friend with Yang Mi so let’s give the Baby Mama a new topic to chat with her hubby at night, shall we?

“So how’s Tang Yan doing?”
Hawick: “………………….”
“How was kissing my best friend?”
Hawick: “………………….”
“Sleep on the sofa.”

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Smiling, Tony Yang & Tang Yan hold hands in Lady and the Liar

 photo LATL315.jpg

Aww. They’re so cute! Which makes me realize I’m doomed from the start, shipping the second lead with the heroine. Never ends well. It’s quite strange as I’m almost always fuming when I see Hawick Lau these days, out wooing my girl crushes one by one! 😛 Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like his love for his beloved wife, Yang Mi, obscures the chemistry he’s supposed to be channeling with these lovely actresses. He did film these series while he was planning out his wedding. It also doesn’t help that he’s always the rich man, wearing probably the same suits over and over.

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Lady and the Liar releases dreamy and dazzling official stills

 photo lady21.jpg
Last time, I featured the ladies for the cover. Now it’s the hunky guys!

If someone asks me who’s the luckiest man in China right now, I would say it’s undoubtedly Hawick Lau. The man seems to be on the groom wagon for three ladies around the same time. Kissing Zhao Li Ying in A Wife’s Secret, wiping his real wife’s tears recently, and wooing Tang Yan, Yang Mi’s best friend and the only maid of honor for their wedding, in Lady and the Liar. heh. 😛

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Yang Rong steals Tang Yan’s identity in Lady and the Liar

 photo Lady7.jpg

Another Cdrama on our plate (too many at this point!) At least it’s not a Yumama’s production. The producer behind this project is Chen Yu Shan, the woman behind many hits in the last decade, including, King of Lan Ling, Autumn’s Concerto, Fated to Love You, and Prince Turns to Frog. As the title suggests, Lady and the Liar features the fight and struggle to regain one’s identity between two women.

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