Air Date and Chibi Version Posters for Zhang Han’s The Four

I can’t believe the last time I wrote about this idol detective drama was in 2013. Lol. Time flew by, huh? Well, it finally got an air date now…. because no other time would be this compatible for insanity. *glare*

Starting to worry here…what would they air in the latter half of the year?!!

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Beautiful cast of “The Four 2013” promotes on Happy Camp

 photo ddebd26d-0330-4a45-b06a-a53541ea1b07.jpg

It’s Monday again (go ahead, you can cry)! What better way to start off this grueling week other than watching a batch of young talents play games? Yep! The batch of kitties were on Happy Camp yesterday and the chemistry was off the charts. I’m looking forward to the drama more than ever now. I swear Gui Gui can spark cuteness with even a mannequin on her own (so cute with the guys!). She has such a sweet and bright smile, as I’ve mentioned the first time I saw her in Summer Fever. Quite infectious if you ask me. Janine is more reserved but has her funny moments, especially when the guys went ??, er, where do we put our hands?

If someone is nice enough to translate some parts, I’ll be grateful. DL links are available upon request! 🙂

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Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

TF (8)
Looking angry aren’t we? Who stole ya’ll happypants?

Taking a brief break from my boring lecture notes and how wonderful is it to see colors in motion!? Wee~~!! Upcoming remake of drama The Four, featuring a line of young faces recently releases a 4-minute preview, showcasing their expensive production materials to the fans. In the midst of fighting corruption and upholding justice, our four guards find themselves declaring love and receiving confessions. Who is your favorite pairing?

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