Han Xue’s revenge plan in Lady’s House with Ma Tian Yu, Chen Xiang

February has just begun right? Why do I feel like it might never end at the rate of digging I’m doing… Here’s another drama based on (dun dun dun) a thrilling novel of the same name. The setting (where else could it be?) takes place in 1930s Shanghai revolving around the heroine (Han Xue or Cecilia Han) spinning an elaborate revenge plan with the help of her childhood friend (Ma Tian Yu), a detective (Chen Xiang), and a newspaper reporter (En You Liu). She got herself covered really well on all fronts!


Cecilia Han is not a new face, she has been in the industry for a long time. She was in tv drama The Ip Man with HK actor, Kevin Cheng, as his wife. Her character in Lady’s House is described as half a devil, half an angel. She is the long-lost daughter of the Shen Family; she was raised by a dancer at the time and upon discovering her identity, she plans her way back into the Shen Residence, hoping to find the murderer of her father. She is also one of the four producers of this series.

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The cutie patootie, Rachel Mao, plays the Shen’s third daughter. Despite growing up in a well-off environment, she is emotionally wrung out, having lost her father at a young age and seeing her mother failed marriages throughout the years. She has a crush on our handsome reporter En You Liu, but he only treats her as a little sister. Poor kid.

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Awww, with her long-lost older sister.

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Xu Bai Hui, the Shen’s second daughter. She has romantic feelings for Ma Tian Yu.

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Lemon Lei Yang as the Shen’s baby sister.

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The older ladies/mothers. Cecilia Yip as the strong and independent mother hen. She will marry Ma Tian Yu. O_O OMG. They are 24 years apart….. Is this part of the revenge scheme??!!

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Lilian Wang as the cunning and deceitful older sis. Handles all the family business deals and transactions. Isn’t she a bit too old to play the older sis? Sorry for the language but this actress plays a B**** like no other. I still remember her as the hateful stepmother in Romance Under the Rain. ARGGGGGGG!!

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Let’s move on to the guys. First up is the childhood best friend, Ma Tian Yu. He plays the romantic pianist. 🙂

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Looking freakin handsome here. But alas, his ending is sealed…

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Chen Xiang the flirty detective is our heroine’s guardian angel.

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That hair on his chin! *swallows the urge to shave it off* That is second sis on his motorbike.

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And our heroine’s Prince of the White Knight goes to En You Liu. He’s the main male lead.

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The men together. The toughest decision to make as a female lead, which guy would YOU pick?

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My preference: Ma > Chen > Liu. Lol.

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Good friends who are enemies in the love battle field. Sigh ~

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Bad boys smoking together! Their mannerism is good.

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The ladies of the house!

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English-Subbed Trailer:

  • Directed by Lin Qing Zhen (My Queen, Once Upon A Love, Love Me or Leave Me) and written by Guo Ting Bo (You Forget All I Remember, We Are Young), and Qin Fei, Lady’s House is scheduled to hit your small screen on 2.27.17 on Zhejiang TV in HQ. YEP. You read that right. It only has 30 episodes… Only…
  • The relationships are confusing the heck out of me with each man entangled with more than one sister!
  • It has aired before in low quality and you can find all the episodes here. Now you ladies can watch and let me know of the ending. Lol.
  • There will be deaths, some deaths are revealed already….but I won’t spoil it here.

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Han Xue’s revenge plan in Lady’s House with Ma Tian Yu, Chen Xiang

    Heyyyy~ it’s Chen Xiang! xD Too bad he’s not the lead ; (
    I’m definitely giving this drama a go, but why is it airing at the same time as Cruel Romance?? I have things to do besides watching drama! D8

  2. 5 thoughts on “Han Xue’s revenge plan in Lady’s House with Ma Tian Yu, Chen Xiang

    omgggggg so many pretty young people in here!! dont have time!!

    ma tian yu looks ridiculously in character …so freakin handsome!! can’t believe hes marrying the other woman though… 24 years….gulp gulp.

    is V calling chen xiang her boo now? better claim him before anyone else does! lol.

    • 5 thoughts on “Han Xue’s revenge plan in Lady’s House with Ma Tian Yu, Chen Xiang

      xD hehe definitely, gotta claim them while they’re under the radar!
      That 24-year age gap marriage seems like it will require a pretty crazy plotline with lots of convoluted scheming involved.

  3. 5 thoughts on “Han Xue’s revenge plan in Lady’s House with Ma Tian Yu, Chen Xiang

    WHAT?? We are allowed to have things to do beside watching dramas? What universe is this?

    He’s yours V! 😀

  4. 5 thoughts on “Han Xue’s revenge plan in Lady’s House with Ma Tian Yu, Chen Xiang

    Ma tian yu is so freakin hsndsome in that smoking picture, he has the right attitude of a rich boy!!!

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