Mr. Right with Jin Dong and Maggie Jiang wraps up filming on a happy note

After four months of filming, modern drama, Mr. Right (恋爱先生), with Jin Dong and Maggie Jiang has come to a wrap. Everyone is so cute behind-the-screen and it looks like a feel-good environment to work in. The story follows three men as they find their significant other. Jin Dong plays a dentist, who on his free time likes to give advice on how to pursue women. Ironically, he hasn’t been in love before. HA! Maggie Jiang‘s character has been hurt in love before, hence is wary of men. The two individuals clash at a dental visit and continue to war their beliefs against each other, leading to a hilarious love story. *excited*

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Zheng Shuang, Lee Jong Suk’s Jade Lover drops Long Trailer

Jade Lover (翡翠恋人) is the second installment of the Lover series, after Tang Yan and Rain’s Diamond Lover, set in the 1930s, following the ups and downs of a fallen rich girl (Zheng Shuang) as she struggles to rebuild her family business of precious stones. In her quest, she meets our hero (Lee Jong Suk), a cold business man who treads between the line of black and white and is attracted to her passion and brightness. However, the secret of their identities will tear the couple a apart. The third leg of the love triangle is a jewelry store manager’s daughter (Song Yan Fei) who focuses all her brain cells in obtaining the hero while making the heroine’s life miserable (Wow, what a surprise!). Actor Zeng Hong Chang will round out the love square by being the heroine’s childhood friend who, of course, loves her. He’s described as warm and affectionate. Dramaland really dishes out the same formula in almost every series, the second female lead can’t be the nice one?!

But anyway, youku dropped a whopping 57-Minute trailer and the first song from its OST. The trailer is too long for my youtube account so uploaded it on dailymotion. Let me know if you have problem.

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