Fan Shi Qi and Song Yan Fei involve in Where the Lost Ones Go

Where the Lost Ones Go (可惜不是你) is a modern webdrama that’s airing on Hunan Mango TV with Fan Shi Qi (Ice Fantasy) and Song Yan Fei (Hero Dog 3) and follows the OTP’s beautiful, dream-like love that began in college and they thought they could go through thick and thin together but fate has thrown many wrenches. Our hero’s mother has accumulated a debt so large that he leaves the heroine behind without a word and gets embroiled in the justice system, ending up in jail. Not knowing the truth, our heroine falls apart, enduring loneliness and despair, waiting for his return, slowly working towards her dream of becoming a cartoonist. He returns four years later and wants to rekindle but she’s now faced with pressure from another marriage proposal.

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